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B63B 60' Boxcar
  In 1978, Berwick Forge & Foundry built B63B class 60' waffle-side boxcars for Conrail. The two series of cars in the class differ slightly but are good to exact matches for Athearn's HO model.

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B63D 60' Boxcar
  During the summer of 1980, the Fruit Growers Express shops in Alexandria, VA built 230 60' auto part cars in the B63D class. The cars came in two orders and number series.

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X58 50' Holidaysburg-built Boxcar
  The X58 was one of the Pennsylvania's largest classes of boxcars. By the time of the Penn Central merger, just over 2,000 X58 and X58 were in service.

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X71 50' Boxcar
  A specific-purpose boxcar dedicated to clean lading service for hauling newsprint and products needing a clean, disinfeted environment. Originally purchased by PC, Conrail inherited them.

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X72 50' Evans Boxcar
  A common, general-purpose boxcar found in nearly every service. Between 1972 and 1973, Penn Central began purchasing the first of the 50' X72 boxcars.

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X73 50' Fruit Growers Express Reefer
  A common refrigerator car, the X73 carried fruits, vegetables, canned or bottled foods and drinks, paint, liquid detergents, and more. Conrail inherited their fleet from PC and EL.

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Other Classes
  Boxcar and reefer classes from Conrail and its predecessors not detailed above. Many of these predecessor cars remained in their original paint.

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