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According to the Conrail Color Guide to Equipment (2000), th 223080 is one of 122 B63A class 60" 9" boxcars built by Berwick Forge & Fabricating in 1977. It is a member of series CR 223001-223122. Note the larger logo on this car, a spotting feature of this earlier series. In the following series pictured below, the logo would shrink considerably.
Location: Unknown
Photo Online: September 22, 2008

Jim Appleman - Unknown
CR 223080
Jim Appleman (189K)

Location: Berea, OH   10-10-04
Photo Online: May 5, 2006

Sean McDonnell - Berea, OH   10-10-04
CR 223301
Sean McDonnell (117K)

When modeling the B63B, be sure to pay attention to how the grease and grime typically gathers at certain spots on the car. Not sure where the '50' sticker came from.
Location: Bluefield, WV   11-2-03
Photo Online: June 2, 2005
CR 223313
Joe Shaw - Bluefield, WV   11-2-03
CR 223313
Joe Shaw (128K)

Compare the side sill (the sill running along the bottom of the car) to other cars later in the series. CR 223301-223432 have what Joe says is a 'two-drop' side sill, with ribbed supports, whereas CR 223433-223462 has 'the normal full side sill that extends nearly to the sill steps.'
Location: Bluefield, WV   5-5-02
Photo Online: May 29, 2004
CR 223336
Joe Shaw - Bluefield, WV   5-5-02
CR 223336
Joe Shaw (110K)

The roofs on these cars didn't hold up well to the elements.
Location: Bluefield, WV   8-30-03
Photo Online: May 29, 2004
CR 223385
Joe Shaw - Bluefield, WV   8-30-03
CR 223385
Joe Shaw (164K)

A close-up photo of the car's dimensional data.
Location: Elliston, VA   1-17-04
Photo Online: February 19, 2005
CR 223385
Joe Shaw - Elliston, VA   1-17-04
CR 223385
Joe Shaw (30K)

Taken on Norfolk Southern.
Location: Conneaut, OH   1-22-06
Photo Online: September 22, 2008

Dave Trenn - Conneaut, OH   1-22-06
CR 223390
Dave Trenn (275K)

The CR 223454 is part of a series of B63B's (CR 223433-223462) that has a smooth side sill.
Location: Walton, VA   7-26-03
Photo Online: May 29, 2004
CR 223454
Joe Shaw - Walton, VA   7-26-03
CR 223454
Joe Shaw (99K)

Another view of 223454 above.
Location: Hollidaysburg, PA   2004
Photo Online: June 2, 2005
CR 223454
Joe Shaw - Hollidaysburg, PA   2004
CR 223454
Joe Shaw (63K)

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