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HE7A 70-Ton, 3-Bays
  The HE7A was Erie Lackawanna's final hopper order. A low capacity hoppers, the HE7A survived until the final days of Conrail, with most cars still painted in EL colors.

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HTe 100-Ton, 3-Bays
  Reading Co. built their second to last class of hoppers, the HTe, in their Reading Car Shops between July and August 1971. These hoppers saw iron then coal service on the RDG and Conrail.

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HTg 100-Ton, 3-Bays
  The HTg class of hoppers were the last hoppers delivered to the Reading Company in 1976 and wore the new RDG markings. Many survived in their original RDG scheme until Conrail's end.

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H43 100-Ton, 3-Bays
  Originally designed by the Pennsylvania Railroad, hoppers in this class were passed onto Penn Central and then Conrail. Many survived until Conrail's end.

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Other Classes
  Hopper classes from Conrail and its predecessors not detailed above. Many of these predecessor cars remained in their original paint.

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Unit Trains
  An overview unit coal trains and why they became such an important part of Conrail's success in the 1990's. You'll also learn how to replicate these operations on your own layout.

Unit Coal Trains in the 1990's

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