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May 29, 2004


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The number with which Conrail repainted this RDG car is wrong, which happens frequently. Checking the original painted-over end numbers, the correct reporting mark should read CR 484193, which is correct for an HTg class hopper. The number that Conrail gave the car does not exist! Standard hopper.
Location: Wyomissing, PA   10-26-96
Photo Online: March 6, 2004

Robert Waller - Wyomissing, PA   10-26-96
CR 484649
Robert Waller (125K)

Reading Company

483557 was delivering coal to the APCO plant at Glen Lyn, VA on 21 December 2000, in the company of EL 33305. (As of 2 March 2001, this hopper had disappeared from the NS roster.)
Location: Glen Lyn, VA   12-21-00
Photo Online: May 29, 2004

Joe Shaw - Glen Lyn, VA   12-21-00
RDG 483557
Joe Shaw (140K)

A detail shot of the B end of the car.
Location: Glyn Lyn, VA   12-21-00
Photo Online: May 29, 2004

Joe Shaw - Glen Lyn, VA   12-21-00
RDG 483557
Joe Shaw (173K)

Note the paint chalking off the reporting marks and running down the side of the car.
Location: Reading, PA (CP Belt)   10-96
Photo Online: March 6, 2004

Robert Waller - Reading, PA (CP Belt)   10-96
RDG 483593
Robert Waller (118K)

The old colored bar code sticker from the 1970s is still on this car if you look on the right side.
Location: Pittsburgh, PA   1997
Photo Online: May 9, 1998

Bill Waller - Pittsburgh, PA   1997
RDG 483873
Bill Waller (121K)

Talk about far from home rails! Chris spotted this in CA! Chris says that the car was in coal service destined to one of the local cement plants there - UP has been leasing several CR hoppers for coal loading out of Colorado and Utah here out west. (UP has been getting entire trains of CR hoppers during the early part of 1999 at least. Not sure if NS/CSX will continue it.)
Location: Mojave, CA   3-12-99
Photo Online: June 4, 1999

Chris Butts - Mojave, CA   3-12-99
RDG 483875
Chris Butts (66K)

Location: Danbury, CT   11-29-80
Photo Online: October 15, 1998

Bob Dobrowolski - Danbury, CT   11-29-80
RDG 483980
Bob Dobrowolski (69K)

Location: Aberdeen, MD   6-78
Photo Online:October 27, 2001

Dick Leonhardt - Aberdeen, MD   6-78
RDG 484020
Dick Leonhardt (92K)

RDG 484025 was built 12-75, one of the last hoppers before Conrail.
Location: East Deerfield, MA   8-10-83
Photo Online: June 21, 2006

Carl Weber - East Deerfield, MA   8-10-83
RDG 484025
Carl Weber (215K)

Location: Bluefield, WV   1-13-02
Photo Online: May 29, 2004

Joe Shaw - Bluefield, WV   1-13-02
RDG 484220
Joe Shaw (135K)

The reporting mark paint chalking seems to have been a problem with these cars, though this one doesn't haven't as bad as other.
Location: Wyomissing, PA   10-96
Photo Online: March 6, 2004

rdg484313 - Wyomissing, PA   10-96
RDG 484313
Robert Waller (126K)

Location: Reading, PA (CP Belt)   1-95
Photo Online: March 6, 2004

Robert Waller - Reading, PA (CP Belt)   1-95
RDG 484390
Robert Waller (86K)

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