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G52 Coalporters
  In 1990, Conrail rebuilt their first series of hoppers into 11-panel and 12-panel coalporters using kits from BSC and old predecessor 12-panel hoppers. They were G52 class with various suffixes.

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G52X 12-Panel Coalporters
  In 1994, Conrail, Carpenter Technology, Cromweld Steels, Johnstown America, and Huck Manufacturing joined to build a durable stainless-steel 12-panel coalporter classed as G52X.

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G38 & G39 Ore Jennies
  Some of the oldest freight cars on Conrail, the G38 and G39 class gondolas began on the PRR and lasted until the mid-1990's.

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Other Classes
  Gondola classes from Conrail and its predecessors not detailed above. Many of these predecessor cars remained in their original paint.

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