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Aug 8, 2016


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Boxcars & Reefers
Prototype information, modeling tips, detailed rosters, and plenty of boxcar photos from surviving predecessors to the latest Conrail car.
Updated: Jun 2, 2015


Hoppers transported coal and iron ore across Conrail. You can easily model many Conrail hopper classes in any major scale. Coalporters are in the Gondola section.
Updated: Dec 23, 2005


Covered Hoppers
For years covered hoppers had been a mainstay on Conrail, until the 1990s, when Conrail sold off many to private carriers. Fortunately, we can easily model some classes in any scale.
Updated: Dec 23, 2005

Cov Hoppers

Gondolas & Coalporters
Traditional gondolas are a mainstay here, as well as the modern coalporter gondolas and older ore jimmies. Besides excellent photos, find articles on unit coal train operations and modeling.
Updated: Jun 4, 2016


Coil Steel Cars
Gondolas built for hauling sheet steel rolled into large coils, these cars often appear as regular gondolas with hoods or special hooded cradles, many which can be modeled.
Updated: Dec 23, 2005

Coil Steel

These workhorses survived many decades through many owners. From the old timers to modern monsters carrying strange loads, we have them here.
Updated: Aug 8, 2016


Flatcars modified with a special top section called a rack, autoracks are designed to carry automobiles in either two or three levels.
Updated: Nov 28, 2003


Conrail primarily operated two intermodal services, Trailvan for everyday and Mercury for special shipping, plus a Tripple Crown joint-venture with Norfolk Southern.
Updated: Dec 13, 2003


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