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Jun 5, 2015


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  • March 12, 2015
    • Scenic Gallery: Robert Waller
      • Added 19 new photos. These are the first photos I have scanned since 2000, when my old scanner broke, and they mark the rebirth of the CRCyc. Most are new to the website and deal with my last day railfanning Conrail, even though it was two weeks after the Conrail takeover. I had been unable to make it from FL back to PA in time for the official last day. Scanning and uploading these and other photos this week has been an emotional roller coaster. My hands were actually trembling and still tremble at times as I work on the code. Crazy, eh? So much in my life has change since I last worked on the website, let alone photographed Conrail. For example, my father passed away, which made dealing with anything related to my past and "up North" extremely difficult for a few years. Also, my son, who was just a wee youngster either in the photos or was standing next to me when I shot the photos, is now finishing his MBA in college and is getting ready to move on with his own life. I look up to him now! Where did the time go?!

        The CRCcyc might not use the most modern web code, but that won't stop us from partying like it's still 1999! After all, this is The Conrail Cyclopedia, where it's always 1976 through 1999! Party on!

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