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Mar 5, 2016


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The Conrail Cyclopedia - Serving Conrail fans world-wide since 1998.

I may publish the Conrail Cyclopedia, but without the help of these kind folks, this website would not exist. Some are still here helping, others have moved on to other projects, and a few have moved on to the big mainline in the sky. Thanks everyone for years of fun.
  • Stephen J. Agostini   (No current email address)
    Contributed rolling stock photos a while back.

  • John Almeida
    John has contributed some nice rolling stock photos, and will hopefully contribute some more as time permits.

  • Jim Appleman
    Jim has shot some great Conrail photos since the early days. Glad to have him aboard.

  • Matt Arentzen
    Matt's has contributed many great modeling photos.

  • Martin Baumann   (No current email address)
    Martin has been helping out where possible with Conrail rosters. Thanks for the recent CRL C30-7 roster!

  • Glen Beans   (No current email address)
    So far Glen has contributed some great photos from the Horseshoe Curve from the early 1980s.

  • John Becker
    The intermodal photos he contributed allowed entire pages devoted to Trailvan and Mercury trailers to be created. His intermodal photos have recently appeared in Model Railroading magazine and has been assisting in a recent series on intermodal weathering. John hails from Central Pennsylvania and is an avid Conrail railfan.

  • Bob Benjamin
    Bob donated some photos from the early days of Conrail, including some rare units.

  • John Berger
    John contributed several photos, including some MoW shots.

  • John Binford
    John contributed a photo a a Maxon scale car.

  • Bill Blum
    Bill contributed some wallpaper photos of modern Conrail.

  • John F. Bondura   (No current email address)
    John contributed a slew of locomotive photos from the early 1980s, filling in some serious gaps in my collection.

  • John Brown   (No current email address)
    John contributed photos of a boxcar switching mishap.

  • Bill Bunge
    Gave some nifty photos of B23-7's, with more photos in the works. Bill lives in Central Pennsylvania.

  • Keith Burkey   (No current email address)
    Gobs of rolling stock and locomotive photos. Keith is probably most famous for his photos of the new 'merger' rolling stock and sightings. A college student at the University of Pittsburgh and another Pennsylvanian.

  • Chris Butts
    Chris shot some CR freight shots out in CA for the site.

  • Frank Caron   (No current email address)
    Frank works for Amtrak in Oakland and is lucky enough to catch CR units far from home.

  • Anthony N. Chando
    Anthony provided photos from the 1980's around Reading and Allentown.

  • Chris Crook
    Chris has his own website at Crook Photography and generously contributed several CR photos. Check out his website.

  • Bradley A Curcio
    A former EMD employee, Bradley gave some excellent photos of the SD-80MAC's and some great info on them.

  • Tom Daspit
    Tom gave me some info on MoW track gang equipment. He also has a good website covering MoW and other subjects.

  • Dave Davis   (No current email address)
    Helped identify some MoW track gang tampers. Thanks.

  • Kevin DeGroff   (No current email address)
    Kevin contributed a number of excellent Juniata shops. The greatest thanks to him for helping get the Shops section off the ground. Plus a number of dramatic scenic photos.

  • Mike Dettmers   (No current email address)
    Photos of an xPRR X58A boxcar, a PC boxcar, a PC gondola, and locomotive photos, Mike has donated some neat stuff. Mike is a dispatcher for Canadian Pacific.

  • Bob Dobrowolski
    Bob has been contributing some really great early Conrail and predecessor photos, as well as donating some X2200S issues and many Diesel Era articles to my collection. Can't thank him enough for these. Bob is originally from Montclair Height, NJ, on the Greenwood Lake Division of the EL.

  • Roger Dooley   (No current email address)
    Roger sent me a great photo of a Conrail jet snow blower/melter.

  • John C. Durant
    John is 31 year Conrail employee, who served 9 on the EL before the big merger. He has contributed a number of photos over the years.

  • Roger Durfee
    Roger is well known among Conrail fans as an excellent photographer since the early days of the railroad. He's also a railroad worker.

  • Reed Estabrook
    Reed has contributed many classic and modern era Conrail photos from rolling stock to freight.

  • Marty Feldner
    Though Conrail is not his favorite railroad--he's an LH&R man with his own website, the A Lehigh & Hudson River Ry. Scrapbook--Marty did find some shots of former L&HR C420s for the CRCyc.

  • David P. Frye
    David contributed a number of official Conrail public relations photos that he got from the PR department in 1980. We post them here as a rememberance of a time gone by and a homage to those photographers.

  • Walter Gay
    Walt has donated many articles that I didn't have and could not have gotten without his help. He is an avid PC modeler and owns his own hobby shop. Hopefully, some of his modeling work will show up in these pages.

  • Steve Geisler
    Steve contributed a large number of Conrail and Penn Central photos.

  • Dennis J. Gergel Jr.
    Dennis contributed a great CR loco watercolor that he painted. Thanks.

  • Rick Glosser   (No current email address)
    Rick helped me out with LMS C40-8W info. Hopefully, he'll continue to pitch in with other info and photos!

  • Lon Godshall
    Lon has graciously donated a ton of Conrail rolling stock photos, freight and MoW rosters, and a great wealth of information. He is an avid car chaser and researcher. I thank him for all his wonderful help. Lon resides in Southeastern PA.

  • Dave Goldsmith, Jr.
    Dave has been providing me with tons of information concerning CR locomotives, dispositions, and such. A great help for everyone.

  • J. Gontero   (No current email address)
    Donated several photos for the site. Thanks.

  • Dan Halpert
    Dan is a college student railfan from Pennsylvania. He owns a large collection of original slide purchased from other photographers. If you see a photo on the CRCyc from Dan't collection, contact him for high quality reprints, which are far superior to the scans featured here.

  • Tim Hannum
    Tim contributed some photos of his brass locos on his layout.

  • Tom Hannon   (No current email address)
    Tom contributed some photos of CR 1933.

  • Lenny Harlos, Jr.
    Lenny is owner of Throughbred Hobbies that specializes in custom painted and detailed models of NS and CR. Many of his projects have been fatured here at the CRCyc. He does excellent work.

  • Robert Harris
    Robert contributed some excellent photos of coalporters under construction, which have given us all a better understanding of the process. Thanks Robert!

  • Scott Harris   (No current email address)
    Scott donated a photo of a brush cutter at work.

  • Dave Honan   (No current email address)
    Dave has provided some great photos and info over the years and is one of the old timers of the website.

  • Jed Hopewell   (No current email address)
    Donated several track gang photos for the MoW section. Another PA railfan.

  • Ken Houghton
    Ken owns Houghton's RailImages, a nice photo service, and donated some b&w shots.

  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew donated some transition-era photos.

  • Harv Kahn (No current email address)
    Harv allowed me to post some of his excellent predecessor photos to the site. I hope to see more from Harv in the future.

  • Brendan Kelly
    Brendan has been helping out with various bits of info throughout the site.

  • Chris Kieley   (No current email address)
    Provided some nice modeling info on the dome car CR 55.

  • Jack Kuiphoff
    Jack has contributed great scenic shots from the 1970s.

  • Seth Lakin   (No current email address)
    Seth has contributed several rolling stock photos.

  • Ian Learmonth   (No current email address)
    Ian provided info on business car CR 11, plus some interesting freelance business car modeling tips for N scale.

  • Dan Leary   (No current email address)
    Dan works in Conrail's Mow department and has shed a lot of light on MoW equipment and what it all does. Always nice to have CR employees pitching in!

  • Dick Leonhardt   (No current email address)
    Dick has contributed a number of photos from the early days of Conrail, including a number of electrics and passenger photos.

  • Jeff Lubchansky
    Jeff and his son Josh have taken a number of excellent photos of railroading all across the nation, including Conrail. Please check out more of their photos at their website.

  • Mark MacDougall
    Mark is a Conrail fan from PA who contributed some great rolling stock photos so far.

  • Vic Mailloux   (No current email address)
    Vic has graciously contributed a number of his early Conrail photos for the Cyclopedia.

  • Kodi Marlin
    Kodi contributed a photo of CR 1000 snow blower.

  • Jim Matuska
    Jim has taken some awesome Conrail shots in the midwest during the 1990s.

  • John McCluskey   (No current email address)
    John is current president of the Queens County Model Railroad Assoc. in New York City and donated some excellent photos and info on MoW equipment.

  • Sean McDonnell
    Sean contributed many rolling stock photos.

  • The Model Railroad Club (Union, NJ)
    The club submitted several photos from their old website. They are a good group of modelers who actively promote the hobby. They're celebrating their anniversary with some neat custom painted rolling stock.

  • Joshua Moldover   (No current email address)
    Many photos of B23-7's and other locomotives. Without his help, the B23-7 page would still be offline.

  • Ralph Molesworth
    Rare photos from the 1980s is Ralph's specialty.

  • Robert Morrow
    Rob contributed some transition-era photos, for which I'm thankful.

  • Arnie Morscher   axm11@po.CWRU.Edu
    Arnie has a website (Morscher's Railroad Images) chock full of photos from 1977 and 1978. Only a small selection of his roster photos are reposted here. Check his site for many more, including scenic and structure photos along the EL.

  • Frank Mulligan   (No current email address)
    Frank donated a photo of Raritan River 100 40' boxcar turned storage shed. I had often wanted to shoot this car, but never got to!

  • Brian Nicholson
    Brian has shot some great Conrail photos. Nice to have some here.

  • Shawn Noe
    Shawn donated CR newsprint car and crane photos.

  • Mark Nolan   (No current email address)
    Mark models the Lehigh Valley in 1972 but constantly takes train photos. He contributed several MoW photos he shot in KY.

  • Charlie O'Hay   (No current email address)
    Charlie contributed a photo of CR 7240, the last photo he shot as a teen railfan back in 1979.

  • Robert Palmer   (No current email address)
    Rob has contributed a number of great photos he has taken, from the NYC hopper to the SD-70MAC. Plus he has a great website (High Green Productions) featuring his work and excellent railfan slide scanning services. Rob is another fellow Pennsylvanian, hailing from the Philly area.

  • Jim Piazza
    Jim donated some Conrail articles I needed, for which I am grateful. Thanks!

  • Mike Pierson
    Mike contributed some photos of a brand new E44 that his father, Rev. Roland Pierson, took back in '61.

  • John Prock
    John contributed some excellent photos from the early days of Conrail, plus some neat photos from the 1990s as well.

  • Rich Reinhart
    Rich models in Conrail N scale and lives in Pennsylvania.

  • Wes Reminder
    Wes has been with the CRCyc since almost day one and continues to help out with excellent interior and detail photos of locos and the OCS.

  • Peter Reusch   (No current email address)
    Pete donated several of his Conrail photos.

  • Mike Rose   (No current email address)
    Mike has authored some excellent Conrail modeling articles and has contributed several rolling stock photos.

  • Robert Russell   (No current email address)
    Rob has contributed some rolling stock photos, as well as giving lots of rolling stock info.

  • Dennis K. Sautters
    Dennis contributed some gondola photos plus information.

  • Victor Schiffer   (No current email address)
    Victor donated photo copies of several rolling stock articles that I didn't own. Considering that he lives in Germany, this was very generous.

  • John Schodowski   (No current email address)
    John is a great railfan friend from back in Reading, PA, whom I always miss. He donated many great photos, including OCS, MoW, and other cool stuff. Thanks John.

  • Harry Scholz
    Harry lives adjacent to the Southern Tier and tries to keep track of all movements past him home. Now that is a great place to live! Harry provided some NYC sightings along with a number of early Conrail photos. I'm sad to report that Harry passed away a while back.

  • Al Schumacher
    Al contributed a huge number of fantastic shop photos. Can't thank him enough! He made the section a reality.

  • Joe Shaw
    Joe has helped out with freight and the G52X section. He has a great website devoted to modern railroading in the South.

  • John Sieber
    John contributed some MoW photos from the 1980s.

  • Jim Shields
    Jim donated a number of great modern Conrail shots.

  • Richard Shirey
    Rich is a wonderful contributor to the Conrail-Classic email list, and has also lent us some of his nifty photos.

  • Bill Skirvin
    Bill does some awesome SD-80MAC modeling and has lent us some of his work for display.

  • Mark Smith   (No current email address)
    Mark contributed a photo of a PC X72 he shot in the Deep South, far from its home rails.

  • Tim Stevens
    Tim sent in several freight and loco photos of Conrail in New England.

  • Brian Switzer
    Brian contributed some SD-70MAC shots.

  • Joe Testagrose   (No current email address)
    Joe is a regular on the newsgroup where he posts numerous photos.

  • Brian Thompson   (No current email address)
    Brian has contributed several photos, such as the CR 4022.

  • Scott Tish   (No current email address)
    Scott contributed several Mow photos for the site. Scott hails from Ohio.

  • Rick Topeka   (No current email address)
    Another fellow Pennsylvanian, Rick has contributed some of the coolest rolling stock and MoW photos I've seen. Where does he find this stuff?

  • Dave Trenn
    Dave has donated a number of great roster and scenic shots from the 1970s through the 1990s.

  • Doug Trueblood
    Doug has a knowledge of rolling stock and Conrail that continues to amaze me. Besides his great rolling stock and locomotive photos, Doug has also supplied me with corrections and additions.

  • Pete Trunk
    Pete's O scale Philadelphia & Erie layout is featured in the Modeling section.

  • Paul Tupaczewski
    He has contributed several MoW and rolling stock photos. Another great railfan.

  • Otto Vondrak   (No current email address)
    Otto is a big fan of the CRCyc, and contributed several of his own photos for the site.

  • Bill Waller   (No current email address)
    No relation! Another Pennsylvanian, Bill has contributed many hopper and MoW photos. Plus he is a regular contributor to, where you can see his Conrail photos from the Pittsburgh and Philly area.

  • Jeffery Ward
    Jeffery's expertise is EMD locomotive builder numbers and build dates for North American units.

  • Carl Weber
    Carl has great Conrail photos from the early days until now. Check his B&A website for a few thousand other photos.

  • Lee Weldon
    Lee grew up in Baltimore and spent his high school years chasing trains out of Enola and up the Middle Division. While working in East Baltimore on the local newspaper, he shot a lot of black and white of Conrail operations there. Presently he works for a building contractor on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where he has become interested in the history and the current operations on the Delmarva Division. He has four children and a very patient wife.

  • Bill Whitfield
    Bill gave me a photo of a CR boxcar out in ID and a reefer in AZ.

  • Jeff Wires   (No current email address)
    Jeff donated several assorted photos of Conrail action, for which I thank him.

  • Dale Woika
    Dale works for the Huntingdon County Transportation Society, which operates a transportation museum loacted in the former PRR/PC/CR Hunt Tower. Dale contributed some wallpaper shots of tower.

  • Tom Wolfgang
    Tom was instrumental in getting me involved with creating the Conrail Cyclopedia. Besides having the best caboose website (Conrail Cabins & Cabooses) out there, Tom resides in Southcentral Pennsylvania, a state that seems to harbor more than its fair share of Conrail railfans--and CRCyc contributors!

  • Craig Zeni
    Craig donated an excellent photo of OLS GP-35 2255, plus some other shots.

  • Todd Zimmerman   (No current email address)
    Todd contributed many OCS photos and basic information that got the OCS page going.

  • Donald Zrebiec
    Don hails from New Jersey and has a deep interest in the Raritan River. He has contributed info on the RR, plus several photos of Conrail equipment.

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