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Conrail and predecessor 6-axel locomotives from EMD, such as SD35, SD40, SD40-2, and SD80MAC. These "special duty" locomotives were designed for hauling heavier trains.
Updated: Aug 31, 2016

SD: 6-Axles

Conrail and predecessor 4-axel locomotives from EMD, such as GP7, GP9, GP35, and GP40-2. These "general purpose" locomotives hauled shorter and lighter trains.
Updated: Aug 31, 2016

GP: 4-Axles

EMD: Switchers
Conrail owned many EMD switcher classes, such as the SW900, SW1500, MP15DC, and NW2. You could find them switching yards or pulling locals.
Updated: Apr 27, 2016


Conrail use EMD's class "F" locomotives, such as F7A's, primarily for freight and "E" class, such as E8A's, for passenger and their business train. Also includes FP7's.
Updated: Apr 20, 2016

E/F Units

GE: Dash 7/8
In the 1970's, General Electric began their improved Dash-7 series, replacing their aging "U" series. Improvements continued through the 1990's with the Dash-8 series.
Updated: Sep 1, 2016

GE: Dash 7/8

GE: U-Boat
In the 1960's, General Electric began their "U" for "universal" series for passenger and freight service, with class such as U25B and U34CH. Fans dubbed them "U-Boats."
Updated: Jun 5, 2015

GE: U-Boats

ALCo: Century
In the 1960's, American Locomotive Company began their "C" or "Century" series, such as C-628 and C-630, designed to replace their aging RS series.
Updated: Jan 8, 2008

ALCo: Century

ALCo first produced smaller RS series "road switchers," S series "switchers," and T series locomotives. During the 1950's, many of Conrail predecessors purchased these.
Updated: Jan 31, 2006

ALCo: Switchers

Electric locomotives, such as the famous Pennsylvania Railroad GG1, boxy E44, and diminutive E10B, ran off overhead wires or third-rail power. They were short-lived on Conrail.
Updated: May 30, 2004


Miscellaneous Series
Conrail owned several locomotive classes not fitting under the above categories, such as MT-4 and MT-6 slugs, oddball Baldwin locomotives, and others.
Updated: Jan 31, 2006

Misc Locos

Annual Locomotive Rosters
Though most sections feature rosters for individual locomotive classes, this section lists complete annual locomotive rosters from the first 1976 roster to the last in 1999.
Updated: Jun 10, 2016

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