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Apr 27, 2016


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Jim Appleman
Jim has photos of classic Conrail action from the Transition Era all the way through the 1990s.

Updated: Apr 18, 2008


Anthony N. Chando
During the early 1980's, Anthony was shooting Conrail in Berks and Lehigh counties when few others were.
Updated: Nov 9, 2009


Kevin DeGroff
Dramatic scenic and wallpaper photos of Conrail action in upstate New York, eastern Pennsylvania, and other locales from the 1980s until 1999.
Updated: Jan 22, 2004


John Durant
A retired Conrail employee, John has been shooting Conrail from the early transition-era to Conrail's last days.
Updated: Nov 20, 2004


Roger Durfee
Relive action along the entire system with an actual railroader, Roger Durfee, during the colorful Rainbow Days of Conrail in the 1970s and 1980s.
Updated: Dec 14, 2007


Richard Hart
Rich shot high-quality photos of Conrail in all its glory throughout the eastern end of the system from the beginning until the end.
Updated: Jul 22, 2005


Jack Kuiphoff
Jack shot Conrail in the Northeast during the classic early days, when anything and everything was possible.
Updated: Jan 3, 2006


Jim Matuska
Great shots of midwestern Conrail during the 1990's. If you like modern Conrail, then check out Jim's gallery.
Updated: Jan 3, 2006


Ralph Molesworth
Many interesting shots of Conrail in the 1980s, from blue and painted-out locomotives to cabooses in PA and MD.
Updated: Apr 27, 2016


Gary Morris
An eclectic collection of scenic and wallpaper photos from the early transition era of Conrail taken across the northeast.
Updated: Jul 1, 2002


Don Oltmann
Transition-era photos from the first day of Conrail through the 1990s, featuring every kind of locomotive Conrail owned and many locations.
Updated: May 30, 2004


Robert Palmer
Go back to the 1980s and 1990s when Conrail was big, blue, and scenic in metro Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania, the heart of Conrail.
Updated: Jun 1, 2000


Dave Trenn
Travel from the 1970s through the 1990s across Conrail in the Midwest. Big mainline railroading in all four seasons.
Updated: Apr 27, 2016


Robert Waller
Travel to some of my favorite locations around Eastern PA during the 1990s, with a few glances back at my early days. All bow before the Conrail can!
Updated: Mar 12, 2015


Carl Weber
If you like your big macs in blue with names like SD-80MAC, then this is the gallery for you. Plus many other Conrail scenic photos.
Updated: Sep 12, 2007


Other Photographers
An excellent collection of photos from various railfans around the Conrail system, from the early days until the very last day.
Updated: Dec 23, 2005

Other Photographers

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