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Jun 3, 2015

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8835 is former Detroit Terminal 116. DT was one of the smaller lines CR picked up after the initial merger. 116 was the only SW7 the DT owned.
Location: Cleveland, OH   10-17-81
Photo Online: November 17, 2004
xDT 8835
Roger Durfee - Cleveland, OH   10-17-81
xDT 8835
Roger Durfee (127K)

A row of SW7's at Enola.
Location: Enola, PA   5-86
Photo Online: June 3, 2015
CR 8853
Ralph Molesworth - Enola, PA   5-86
CR 8853
Ralph Molesworth (178K)

Nearly a year after the formation of Conrail this CNJ unit still does duty in its original predecessor logo. I actually modeled and super detailed one of these units in the 1970s. But I put the wrong number on it! Not many people saw that model.
Location: Brill Jct.   2-12-77
Photo Online: March 11, 2000
CNJ 1080
Joe Testagrosse Coll. - Brill Jct.   2-12-77
(CR 8868) CNJ 1080
Joe Testagrosse Coll. (59K)

8875, former Lehigh Valley 220, rests in the snow at Akron. What strikes me odd about this locomotive are the exhaust stacks, which look as if they had been recently repainted silver.
Location: Akron, OH   1-77
Photo Online:December 14, 2002
xEL 8875
Roger Durfee - Akron, OH   1-77
xEL 8875
Roger Durfee (77K)

A typical CR-stenciled unit at rest.
Location: Elizabethport, NJ   8-6-77
Photo Online: December 1, 1999
xLV 8876
Joe Testagrose Coll. - Elizabethport, NJ   8-6-77
xLV 8876
Joe Testagrose Coll. (50K)

Another shot of 8876 several years later in the dead line.
Location: Elizabethport, NJ   1983
Photo Online: May 26, 2004
xLV 8876
Scott Wisner - Elizabethport, NJ   1983
xLV 8876
Scott Wisner (105K)

I love that huge headlight! This unit was not able to MU with other locos, therefore had the straight pilot handrails. This was also a common spotting feature among SW900's and SW1200's.
Location: Allentown, PA   6-19-77
Photo Online: June 11, 2000
LV 224 SW7
Arnie Morscher - Allentown, PA   6-19-77
(CR 8879) LV 224
Arnie Morscher (115K)

Sitting in the dead line still in stencils.
Location: Elizabethport, NJ   1983
Photo Online: March 26, 2004
xPC 8884
Scott Wisner - Elizabethport, NJ   1983
xPC 8884
Scott Wisner (112K)

Another dead line shot.
Location: Elizabethport, NJ   1983
Photo Online: March 26, 2004
xPC 9036
Scott Wisner - Elizabethport, NJ   1983
xPC 9036
Scott Wisner (104K)

9080 does some switching work with an RS-3M.
Location: Unknown   7-8-79
Photo Online: September 10, 2003
CR 9080
John Prock - 7-8-79
CR 9080
John Prock (61K)

Note the differences between this former PC unit and the Lehigh Valley units below. Check the headlights, horns, and spark arrestors on the exhaust stacks, and the pilot. This unit capable of MU operations, unlike the LV units. Former PC 9097.
Location: Pavonia, NJ   6-24-77
Photo Online: December 6, 1998
CR 9097 SW7
Arnie Morscher - Pavonia, NJ   6-24-77
CR 9097
Arnie Morscher (83K)

It figures that I keep getting photos of the same SW7 in blue! Here we see 9097 a few years later farther south on the system.
Location: Philadelphia, PA (Greenbrier)   7-82
Photo Online:June 4, 2002
CR 9097
John Bondura - Philadelphia, PA (Greenbrier)   7-82
CR 9097
John Bondura (77K)

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