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Sep 27, 2004


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The car is a crazy CR stencil job. Notice the artistry in the spray painted reporting marks, the smiling face, and the car data. Sometimes we railfans getting lucky, even if a bit too late in the evening.
Location: Wyomissing, PA   6-99
Photo Online: March 6, 2004

Robert Waller - Wyomissing, PA   6-99
CR 422888
Robert Waller (120K)

Erie Lackawanna

EL 33305 was seen in an eastbound freight on Norfolk Southern near Narrows, VA on 29 April 2000, and was later seen delivering coal to the APCO plant at Glen Lyn, VA on December 21, 2000. Joe says that as of 2 March 2001, EL 33305 has disappeared from the NS roster.
Location: Gly Lyn, VA   4-29-00
Photo Online: May 29, 2004

Joe Shaw - Gly Lyn, VA   4-29-00
EL 33305
Joe Shaw (137K)

Location: Blairsville, PA   [no date]
Photo Online: May 21, 1998

Rick Topeka - Blairsville, PA
EL 33368
Rick Topeka (57K)

Location: Altoona, PA   [no date]
Photo Online: September 26, 2004

Mike Stotler - Altoona, PA
EL 33660
Mike Stotler (118K)

Location: Radford, VA   4-21-02
Photo Online: May 29, 2004

Joe Shaw - Radford, VA   4-21-02
EL 33689
Joe Shaw (94K)

Check out the funky reporting marks on this car, which is getting ready to be retired by the time Joe caught it.
Location: Radford, VA   4-21-02
Photo Online: May 29, 2004

Joe Shaw - Radford, VA   4-21-02
EL 33723
Joe Shaw (84K)

Location: Wyomissing, PA   2-25-96
Photo Online: May 15, 1998

Robert Waller - Wyomissing, PA   2-25-96
EL 33823
Robert Waller (58K)

Location: Wyomissing, PA   12-7-95
Photo Online: May 9, 1998

Robert Waller - Wyomissing, PA   12-7-95
EL 33873
Robert Waller (79K)

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