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Jun 21, 2006


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Boston & Albany

The Penn Central logo is still visible but worn off on this survivor. The few remaining B&A hoppers seemed to remain in New England and not make their way onto much of the system. Still has its friction bearing trucks.
Location: Chester, MA   9-29-85
Photo Online: June 21, 2006

Carl Weber - Chester, MA   9-29-85
B&A 910679
Carl Weber (195K)

A sister car of the one above.
Location: Unknown  
Photo Online: June 21, 2006

Carl Weber
B&A 910691
Carl Weber (182K)


Another Conrail survivor is this little two-pocket open top hopper. It's May 1984 and this car is still running around in its Lackawanna paint and reporting marks, even if it has MoW markings!
Location: Alliance, OH   5-12-84
Photo Online:March 28, 2003

Roger Durfee - Alliance, OH   5-12-84
DLW 2006
Roger Durfee (84K)

Penn Central

14-panel, 3-bay hopper, former NYC. Note the lead truck is a rebuilt former journal box truck. Trailing truck is roller bearing. Reporting marks are stenciled. For HO modeling, use the Stewart 14-panel hopper, though the rebuilt truck is impossible to model.
Location: Wyomissing, PA   5-1-96
Series: Published rosters and the ORER list this car as a 12-panel H39. Either the ORER and rosters are wrong, or Conrail renumbered this car incorrectly.
Photo Online: May 15, 1998

Robert Waller - Wyomissing, PA   5-1-96
PC 453570 H37G
Robert Waller (66K)

Reading Company

45' 12-panel triple hopper built 2-4/62 for iron ore service. Renumbered into series CR 479025-479450 and reclassed as HR1C, though the series contains other classes as well. For HO modeling, us the Bowser 12-panel triple model. In N scale, use the Atlas model.
Location: West Lawn, PA   7-81
Series: RDG 40001-40400
Photo Online: September 4, 1998

Robert Waller - West Lawn, PA   7-81
RDG 40117 HTz
Robert Waller (82K)

Yep, these two-bays were still in service well into Conrail. The class was first built in 1966, with 1,768 cars being built.
Location: Reading, PA (Water Station Yard Office)   1979
Series: RDG 63200-64999
Photo Online: September 4, 1998

Robert Waller - Reading, PA (Water Station Yard Office)   1979
RDG 64721 HTc
Robert Waller (71K)

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