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X58 Boxcars Starting in 1963 in their Holidaysburg Car Shops, the Pennsylvania Railroad began building one of their largest classes of boxcars--the 50' X58. By the time of the Penn Central merger, over 2,000 X58 and X58-subclasses were roaming the rails. The PRR passed on nearly all of these cars to the PC, which later passed them onto Conrail in 1976. Many of these boxcars can still be seen all across the country in a number of paint schemes and body variations.

A quick overview of these cars shows that they are all 50'8" rib-sided boxcars, with 10'6" centered plug doors, 20" travel cushioned underframes for shock control, and 70-ton roller bearing trucks with 33" wheels. Subclass variations occur depending on internal equipment and assignments. The following is a brief overview of the X58 subclasses:
  • X58: RBL insulated boxcar for perishable and other such shipments, with some cars equipped with heaters. Capacity of 4,444 cuft.
  • X58A: standard boxcar equipped with special racks for transporting special loads, such as coiled aluminum. Capacity of 4,670 cuft.
  • X58B: standard boxcar but equipped with various types of loader belts. Capacity of 4,963 cuft.
  • X58C: basic boxcar built for general assignments. The X58C has a capacity of 5,101 cuft.
Many X58's are further equipped with special internal equipment, such as rub rails, adjustable bulkheads, Transco stage loaders, nailable floors, pallets, and so on. Some cars were permanently assigned to servicing specific industries or plants, while most other cars freely plied the rails across the country. If you're a modeler interested in prototype operations, assigning a specific X58 boxcar to one of your online industries might add some interest to your layout; it would leave loaded, for example, then return empty at a later date to be loaded again.

Since the X58 is one of the oldest boxcar classes still in use on Conrail, several body and paint-scheme variations have occurred over the years. The PRR originally built these cars with full height ladders, upper-position brake wheels, and roofwalks. As railroads began 'modernizing' their rolling stock during the late 1960s and 1970s, roofwalks were removed. Many cars also had their brake wheel lowered and ladders shortened to half-height.

But many cars have retained their higher position brake wheel. These cars also retain two full-height ladders in order to reach the wheel, one ladder on the side and one ladder on the rear. These cars also retain the roof grabs by the wheel. Of course there are exceptions. CR 368090 has a lowered wheel but retains its full-height ladder. These variations make the cars interesting to model.

When you check out the X58 photos on the next page, notice the number of paint-scheme variations on the cars. For example, the Pennsy applied 'DF,' 'DFB,' or 'LD' markings when needed. PC seemed to have just one basic scheme, while Conrail seems to have had a number of scheme and paint-out variations.

So while the X58 appears to simply be a plain Conrail boxcar class, there are many choices to be made. You can literally model a small fleet of X58's and never have two identical cars!

The detailed rosters below are based on an October 1991 Official Railway Equipment Register and reflect those roadnames that were in service at that time. I have made every effort to check them for accuracy, though cars that were taken off roster might still appear in service several years later. Plus many errors crept into Conrail's rolling stock fleet over the years. Please use these rosters only as a guide for your modeling efforts, combining them with photographic evidence.

 CR Series         Class      CR Series         Class   
 =======================      =======================
 164000-164161     X58A       266202            X58A
 164201-164225     X58A       266203-266212     X58C
 164226-164429     X58C       266213            X58A
 164601            X58A       266214-266229     X58C
 164900-164903     X58C       266230-266231     X58A
 168600            X58A       266232-266245     X58C
 169400-169401     X58A       266246            X58A
 169402-169403     X58        266247-266253     X58C
 169404-169412     X58A       266254            X58A
 169413            X58        266255            X58C
 169414-169500     X58A       266256            X58A
 208196-208730     X58A       266257-266281     X58C
 209469-209549     X58A       266282            X58A
 209800-209920     X58C       266283            X58C
 210707            X58B       266284            X58A
 229525            X58B       266285-266373     X58C
 229688-229692     X58B       266374-266375     X58A
 229703-229758     X58B       266376-266379     X58C
 230519-230586     X58B       266380            X58A
 230587-230695     X58C       266381-266389     X58C
 230696-230906     X58B       269241            X58B
 233300-233340     X58A       269248            X58B
 233353            X58A       269283            X58B
 265536-266638     X58B       269304            X58B
 266040            X58A       269328            X58B
 266041-266048     X58C       269375            X58B
 266049            X58A       269382            X58B
 266050-266053     X58C       269424            X58B
 266054            X58A       269501-269509     X58B
 266055-266057     X58C       269514-269517     X58B
 266058            X58A       269521-269542     X58B
 266059-266094     X58C       269544-269557     X58B
 266095            X58A       360097-360098     X58
 266096-266101     X58C       360231            X58
 266102            X58A       360236            X58
 266103-266108     X58C       360667-360703     X58
 266109            X58A       361213-363356     X58
 266110-266170     X58C       363972-363999     X58
 266171            X58A       364266-364267     X58
 266172-266187     X58C       367000-367148     X58
 266188            X58A       368000-368063     X58
 266189            X58C       368065-368199     X58
 266190            X58A       368300-368384     X58
 266191-266201     X58C       368389-368391     X58


PC Series         Class       PRR Series        Class
=======================       =======================
164222-164223     X58A        112000-112299     X58
164226-164425     X58C        112400-112535     X58A
208299-208730     X58A        112538-112686     X58B
266040-266389     X58C        112687-113236     X58C
361299-362372     X58         113237-113386     X58B
                              113687-113886     X58A
                              113974            X58A
                              114222-114426     X58B
                              117913-118012     X58

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