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May 7, 2005


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Central of New Jersey

Central of New Jersey Pullman-Standard cement covered hopper still toddling along in 1979. We think this was a former Lehigh and New England car.
Location: Akron, OH   7-79
Photo Online:March 28, 2003

Roger Durfee - Akron, OH   7-79
CNJ 2020
Roger Durfee (97K)


Amazing how late some cars ran on Conrail, such as this Greenville built Erie 2893 cuft covered hopper.
Location: Unknown   11-6-83
Photo Online:October 27, 2001

Tom Haag - 11-6-83
Erie 21888
Tom Haag (72K)

Lehigh Valley

Location: Woodfuff's Gap, NJ   10-23-78
Photo Online: October 15, 1998

Bob Dobrowolski - Woodfuff's Gap, NJ   10-23-78
LV 50319
Bob Dobrowolski (50K)

Location: Woodruffs Gap, NJ   10-23-78
Photo Online: October 15, 1998

Bob Dobrowolski - Woodruffs Gap, NJ   10-23-78
LV 50898
Bob Dobrowolski (53K)

Location: Buffalo, NY   1977
Photo Online: June 4, 1999

Sean Lamb Coll - Buffalo, NY   1977
LV 50986
Sean Lamb Coll. (61K)

4460 cuft built by Bethlehem Steel, a near-clone to the PS2-CD 4427.
Location: Bethlehem, PA   6-6-82
Photo Online: May 7, 2005

Jerome Rosenfeld - Bethlehem, PA   6-6-82
LV 51109
Jerome Rosenfeld (128K)

Penn Central

PC 80019 is a former NYC "Flexi-Flo" hopper custom ordered by the NYC a few years (1967, I believe) before the NYC/PRR merger. The number sequence remained from the NYC into the PC and CR years. The cars are still in service in MDTX (Merchants Dispatch) paint, although they have been re-lettered in recent years.
Location: Buffalo, NY   1977
Photo Online: June 4, 1999

Sean Lamb Coll. - Buffalo, NY   1977
PC 80019
Sean Lamb Coll. (51K)

2003cuft former PRR covered hopper with Keystone showing. Series PC 877357-877755.
Location: Newark, NJ (Oak Island Yard)   1992
Photo Online: September 5, 1998

John McCluskey - Newark, NJ (Oak Island Yard)   1992
PC 877362 H34C
John McCluskey (37K)

Not all shipments arrive, I guess. At least we get to see the underside details.
Location: Cleveland, OH   4-12-79
Photo Online: June 4, 1999

Arnie Morscher - Cleveland, OH   4-12-79
PCB 889622
Arnie Morscher (88K)

This class of hopper is a 5700 cubic feet capacity Centerflow covered hopper that both Penn Central and New York Central owned.
Location: Wyomissing, PA   1-95
Photo Online: May 9, 1998

Robert Waller - Wyomissing, PA   1-95
PC 892163 131H
Robert Waller (135K)

Reading Company

3500 cuft RDG-built 3-bay copy of the PS-2, but slightly taller. Many placed into sugar service.
Location: Enola, PA   1990s
Photo Online:March 5, 2002

Bill Banaszak - Enola, PA   1990s
RDG 78671 LOs
Bill Banaszak (50K)

Location: Blandon, PA   2-97
Series: RDG 78900-78999
Photo Online: July 7, 1998

Robert Waller - Blandon, PA   2-97
RDG 78712 LOs
Robert Waller (68K)

See RDG 78712 above for details.
Location: Reading, PA   1981
Photo Online: September 4, 1998

Robert Waller - Reading, PA   1981
RDG 78975 LOs
Robert Waller (51K)

These cars were off roster by the end of the 1980s.
Location: Woodruffs Gap, NJ   10-23-78
Photo Online: September 19, 1998

RDG 79615
Bob Dobrowolski (103K)

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