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A faded Conrail H42 that has seen better days. The color on this car is from the setting sun.
Location: Latrobe, PA   6-89
Photo Online: July 10, 1998

Rick Topeka - Latrobe, PA   6-89
CR 884014 H42
Rick Topeka (60K)

Former PRR H42. Logo painted in unusual location.
Location: Enola, PA   2-98
Photo Online: April 1, 1998

Tom Wolfgang - Enola, PA   2-98
CR 884690 H44
Tom Wolfgang (47K)

Conrail's H44's traveled the entire nation.
Location: Wildwood, FL   1999
Photo Online: May 7, 2005

Robert Waller - Wildwood, FL   1999
CR 884716 H44
Robert Waller (143K)

Rib shot this one also in Florida.
Location: Pensecola, FL   1997
Photo Online: May 7, 2005

Rob Russell - Pensecola, FL   1997
CR 884743 H44
Rob Russell (128K)

On this car Conrail used the 'CONRAIL' lettering found on their rib-sided covered hoppers--note the spacing.
Location: Reading, PA (CP Belt)   6-97
Photo Online: May 15, 1998

Robert Waller - Reading, PA (CP Belt)   6-97
CR 884992 H42A
Robert Waller (50K)

Penn Central

Note the repainted reporting marks and the mix of type used! According to the Official Register of Railway Equipment, this was the last PC H44 on the roster. All PC H42's had been repainted by the 1990s.
Location: Reading, PA (CP Belt)   6-97
Photo Online: July 7, 1998

Robert Waller - Reading, PA (CP Belt)   6-97
PC 885237 H44
Robert Waller (58K)


One of only two PRR H44s still in service in 1996! In HO scale you will have to custom paint the Atlas kit using Champ Decals set HC-657 and their data sheet. For N scale, this paint scheme comes predecorated on the Delaware Valley car.
Location: Reading, PA (CP Belt)   1996
Photo Online: May 9, 1998

Robert Waller - Reading, PA (CP Belt)   1996
PRR 240397 H44
Robert Waller (48K)

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