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This is a fascinating car from my perspective as a Central of New Jersey fan and a Conrail transition era fan. We believe it to be a class CC70C covered hopper, a former CNJ Bethlehem Steel Car repainted into the Coast Guard scheme. It was repainted in Reading sometime in February 1978.
Photo Online:October 28, 2002

Roger Durfee - Youngstown, OH   3-79
xCNJ 875083
Roger Durfee (64K)

Pennsylvannia Railroad bought many H40 Airslide covered hoppers in the late 1950s. Penn Central had General American (GATX) rebuild many them in the early 1970s and then leased them from GATX, which painted them with GATX-style lettering instead of the standard PC font. Conrail assumed the lease in 1976. Other cars never got rebuilt, so PC and then CR owned them outright. Though the photo is a bit fuzzy, it looks as if 875117 was a leased car. When applicable, CR applied the leasing clause under the right-hand car shaker casting. This was one of the earlier PRR cars. Later H40's had end-sills applied, adding the cars' capacity. Conrail, like most railroads, often used the cars in flour and starch movements. CR 875117 was being sent back to the shops as a 'bad car.'
Location: Allentown, PA   1997
Photo Online: July 9, 1999

Lon Godshall - Allentown, PA   1997
CR 875117 H40
Lon Godshall (73K)

Originally CNJ (1000-1099). 2700 cuft 2-bay built by AMF Beaird 1967 and leased from North American. Very few of this class survived by 1999. Series CR 875284-875383.
Photo Online: July 9, 1999
Location: Allentown, PA   2-97

Lon Godshall - Allentown, PA   2-97
CR 875365 CC12A
Lon Godshall (55K)

Erie Lackawanna purchased 50 2,790 cubic-feet covered hoppers from ACF in June 1967, placing them in the series EL 21350-21399. Conrail renumbered them as CR 876312-876361, making CR 876361 pictured here as the last car in the series. CR 876361 was on its way to Hollidaysburg as a shopped car, so its life was probably over the day I snapped this photo. Series 876306-876374.
Location: Wyomissing, PA   1-8-97
Photo Online: December 17, 2004

Robert Waller - Wyomissing, PA   1-8-97
CR 876361 CE12B
Robert Waller (169K)

A 37', 75-ton 2-bay covered hopper most likely based on a Pullman-Standard design. The Conrail Color Guide to Freight Equipment doesn't mention anything about these cars.
Location: Manville, NJ   unknown date
Photo Online: May 3, 2005

Reed Estabrook - Manville, NJ
CR 878991 H33
Reed Estabrook (71K)

It's no secret that Conrail was not fond of covered hopper movement since it was one of the least profitable of all commodities. Out of all the covered hoppers the railroad owned, the C13A was the only car class that Conrail purchased itself instead of inheriting from the predecessor railroads. In 1977, Conrail purchased 400 of these 3,000 cubic-feet cars from Pullman-Standard's Butler, PA shops. With close-spaced ribs reinforcing the sides, these cars hauled dense commodities, such as sand for glass and foundry industries. The odd looking yellow hazmat sticker proclaiming '3077' on CR 883677 pictured here refers to the type of chemical that it hauls.
Location: Unknown   10-9-97
Photo Online: October 30, 1999

Rob Russell - 10-9-97
CR 883677 C13A
Rob Russell (74K)

Yet another shot of a C13A still in service in 2004.
Location: Norristown (Abrams Yard), PA   8-17-04
Photo Online: December 17, 2004

Sean McDonell - Norristown (Abrams Yard), PA   8-17-04
CR 883849 C13A
Sean McDonell (119K)

You can easily read the "New 9-77" on the side of CR 883956, which still wears the same paint scheme it did in 1977.
Location: Reading, PA (CP Belt)   6-97
Photo Online: October 22, 1998

Robert Waller - Reading, PA (CP Belt)   6-97
CR 883956 C13A
Robert Waller (58K)

A former Erie Lackawanna 3-bay ACF CenterFlow covered hopper first introduced in 1961. Used for shipping sand, clay, salt, grain, and bulk plastics.
Location: Cleveland, OH   4-21-85
Photo Online:October 28, 2002

Roger Durfee - Cleveland, OH   4-21-85
xEL 884137 CE14A
Roger Durfee (62K)

A former PRR 3140 cuft class H50 built by Pullman-Standard. Series CR 884363-884420.
Location: Bellows Falls, VT   2-95
Photo Online: October 26, 2001

Leo Landry - Bellows Falls, VT   2-95
CR 884367 H50
Leo Landry (59K)

These Pullman-Standard 3,018 cubic-feet covered hoppers with trough hatches were originally built for the Pennsylvania Railroad in the mid-1960s. They passed to Penn Central and then onto Conrail.
Location: Reading, PA (CP Belt)   6-97
Photo Online: October 22, 1998

Robert Waller - Reading, PA (CP Belt)   6-97
CR 885332 H49
Robert Waller (53K)

Checking out the reporting marks in the upper right, the CE16B's were originally Erie Lackawanna cars. This is the only class of larger Conrail covered hoppers that exactly match the HO scale Athearn model. CR 886041 is sitting on the siding for Agway Fertilizer Blending Plant in Blandon.
Location: Blandon, PA   9-94
Photo Online: December 17, 2004

Robert Waller - Blandon, PA   9-94
CR 886041 CE16B
Robert Waller (135K)

Location: Lansdale, PA   1997
Photo Online: July 9, 1999

Lon Godshall - Lansdale, PA   1997
CR 886087 CE16A
Lon Godshall (46K)

CR 886478 is another match for the Athearn HO model, just as is CR 886041 above. However, one is painted grey and the other is oxide red. Larry DeYoung, a Conrail freight expert, has the theory that cars in mineral or chemical service were painted grey, while those in agriculture service were painted red. Of course, there are many exceptions to this rule.
Location: Allentown, PA   7-98
Photo Online: July 9, 1999

Lon Godshall - Allentown, PA   7-98
CR 886478 CE16B
Lon Godshall (56K)

A cold day for this Conrail airslide covered hopper.
Location: North Walpole, NH   11-92
Photo Online: November 17, 2004

Tim Stevens - North Walpole, NH   11-92
CR 886778
Tim Stevens (95K)

These Pullman-Standard 4,785 cubic-feet covered hoppers were built for the New York Central and then eventually passed into Conrail service in 1976.
Location: Reading, PA (CP Belt)   6-97
Photo Online: October 22, 1998

Robert Waller - Reading, PA (CP Belt)   6-97
CR 886850 138H
Robert Waller (43K)

In its Hollidaysburg shop in 1969, Penn Central built 861 4,600 cubic-feet H51C's based on General American Dry-Flo designs. Conrail used these cars mostly in agriculture service hauling grain. By this time in 2000, CR 887764 was in Norfolk Southern service on a northbound CSX freight through one of my favorite train-watching places in the South.
Location: Folkston, GA   2-25-00
Photo Online: December 17, 2004

Robert Waller - Folkston, GA   2-25-00
CR 887764 H51C
Robert Waller (118K)

In 1965, American Car & Foundry (ACF) built 100 of these cars for the New York Central, placing them in lot 958H.
Location: Allentown, PA   3-95
Photo Online: July 9, 1999

Lon Godshall - Allentown, PA   3-95
CR 887985 958H
Lon Godshall (52K)

The H54 is one of the most common of Conrail's covered hopper classes. Pullman-Standard built 1,250 of these PS-2CD's in 1971 and then leased them to Penn Central. Since PC was in bankruptcy, the railroad gave them 'PCB' reporting marks, indicating that they had special financing outside of the bankruptcy proceedings. When Conrail acquired PC in 1976, the special reporting marks were no longer needed. Unfortunately, the class is spread out across the Conrail freight roster. CR 888312 is an example of another covered hopper class interrupting the H54 series. Here we see what became the final paint scheme for these care--the Quality scheme.
Location: Norristown, PA (Abrams Yard)   8-17-04
Photo Online: December 17, 2004

Sean McDonell - Norristown, PA (Abrams Yard)   8-17-04
CR 888312 H54
Sean McDonell (117K)

In the late 1960s, just before the Penn Central merger, American Car & Foundry (ACF) built 184 5,700 cubic-feet cars for New York Central's lot 131H. These cars were used to carry low density products, such as animal feed and minerals across the Conrail system.
Location: Wyomissing, PA   5-30-96
Photo Online: December 17, 2004

Robert Waller - Wyomissing, PA   5-30-96
CR 888367 131H
Robert Waller (145K)

The 4,650 cubic-feet H45 was built in 1965 by ACF for the Pennsylvania Railroad. There is a H45A subclass, the only difference being that the H45 has gravity discharge gates, while the H45A has pneumatic outlets. Other than that, the classes are nearly identical. You can see the old PRR paint scheme showing through the paint scheme, plus the restenciled CR reporting marks.
Location: Wyomissing, PA   3-95
Photo Online: December 17, 2004

Robert Waller - Wyomissing, PA   3-95
CR 888538 H45
Robert Waller (139K)

Whatever they shipped in the H45, it had a horrible effect on the car's paint. As is oftent he case with Conrail covered hoppers, the old PRR paint scheme is showing through the oxide red. Plus, new CR reporting marks have been re-applied.
Location: Wyomissing, PA   3-97
Photo Online: December 17, 2004

Robert Waller - Wyomissing, PA   3-97
CR 888638 H45
Robert Waller (132K)

When new in 1971, this car would have had the PCB reporting marks. Instead, Conrail simply rollered over the PCB and slapped on a new CR decal. Series CR 888749-889948.
Location: Reading, PA   1998
Photo Online: October 23, 1998

John Schodowski - Reading, PA   1998
xPC 888913 H54
John Schodowski (58K)

Another H54, this one has an interesting paint scheme. Since Conrail from the beginning never invested much in its large covered hopper fleet, most times the paint shops simply painted right over the predecessor paint without even washing or priming the car. This car is a perfect example of what time and rain eventually did to these cars. CR 889309 was painted in November 1978 in Hollidaysburg. It got the big CONRAIL right over the old PC green. Because they painted over the car's dirt and grime, the brown paint eventually washed away, leaving what you see here. The numbered were restenciled because the old CR ones had faded away from the poor original paint job. Of course, these shabby paint jobs have always endeared Conrail to me.
Location: Allentown, PA   7-98
Photo Online: December 17, 2004

Lon Godshall - Allentown, PA   7-98
CR 889309 H54
Lon Godshall (94K)

CR 889836 had been recently repainted in the Quality scheme when John caught it in 1994. Series CR 888749-889948.
Location: Binghampton, NY   10-7-94
Photo Online: September 5, 1998

John McCluskey - Binghampton, NY   10-7-94
CR 889836 H54
John McCluskey (59K)

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