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Apr 16, 2016

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Former PC 1694 (ex-NYC 1694) F7A waits its turn in the P1A shop with several others.
Location: Collinwood, OH   8-78
Photo Online: December 17, 2007

Roger Durfee - Collinwood, OH   8-78
xPC 1694
Roger Durfee (137K)

A worn former PC/NYC 1707 works with a freshly repainted blue unit.
Location: Croxton, NJ   11-2-76
Photo Online: July 7, 2005
xPC 1707
Joe Testagrose Coll. - Croxton, NJ   11-2-76
xPC 1707
Joe Testagrose Coll. (79K)

Five F7A's lay over at the Motor Yard.
Location: Detroit, OH   4-79
Photo Online: July 7, 2005
xPC 1726
Roger Durfee - Detroit, OH   4-79
xPC 1726
Roger Durfee (119K)

Conrail F7A 1763 (ex-PC 1763, ex-NYC 1763) sits at the east end of Motor Yard.
Location: Macedonia, OH   11-78
Photo Online: December 17, 2007

Roger Durfee - Macedonia, OH   11-78
xPC 1763
Roger Durfee (107K)

Former PC /NYC1773.
Location: Cleveland, OH   8-2-78
Photo Online: June 11, 2000
PC 1773 F7A
Arnie Morscher - Cleveland, OH   8-2-78
xPC 1773
Arnie Morscher (100K)

Three F7's hauling a freight three years prior to Conrail.
Location: Hartford, CT   2-73
Photo Online: July 7, 2005
PC 1773 F7A
Vic Mailloux - Hartford, CT   2-73
(CR 1773) PC 1773
Vic Mailloux (50K)

Former PC/NYC 1774. Teamed with 1779.
Location: Cleveland, OH   3-16-79
Photo Online: July 7, 2005
xPC 1774 F7A
Arnie Morscher - Cleveland, OH   3-16-79
xPC 1774
Arnie Morscher (66K)

Still in original paint.
Location: Akron, OH   3-77
Photo Online: December 17, 2007

Roger Durfee - Akron, OH   3-77
(CR 1779) PC 1779
Roger Durfee (174K)

It's only a few months into Conrail, and some operations still look like the old way. Witness a quartet of PC F's on this CR local in Akron, Ohio. First the train (AMA-1), then the F's, then the track (ex-PC), and finally Conrail itself would be history in this town. I watch ex-Conrail units going by on CSX now, wishing we could have seen "pure" (before split) sets of modern CR power blasting west on the old Erie, or south on the old PC.
Location: Akron, OH   6-76
Photo Online: July 12, 2003
PC 1782
Roger Durfee - Akron, OH   6-76
(CR 1782) PC 1782
Roger Durfee (90K)

Conrail F7A 1788 and 1726 at Motor Yard in Bedford, Ohio August 1979. These would be the last two active F's on Conrail.
Location: Bedford, OH   8-79
Photo Online: December 3, 2005
xPC 1788
Roger Durfee - Bedford, OH   8-79
xPC 1788
Roger Durfee (146K)

Conrail F7A's 1790, 1650, and 1844 wait for the next call to work in the former Erie Railroad's East 55th Street yard in Cleveland, Ohio in February, 1979.
Location: Cleveland, OH   2-79
Photo Online:December 3, 2005
xPC 1790
Roger Durfee - Cleveland, OH   2-79
xPC 1790
Roger Durfee (79K)

We see CR 1792 only four months prior to retirement. 1792 began life in July 1949 as NYC 1648, a typical NYC F7A with dynamic brakes. In 1968 the unit became PC 1948 and kept the same number under Conrail. Several months into Conrail 1648 was repainted blue, though it did not wear any logo or Conrail markings. In 1977 the unit finally received a simple "CR" on the side, as can be see in this photo. In February 1979 Conrail renumbered the 1648 as CR 1792 in preparation of the arrival of new GP15-1's. Days after Roger shot this photo, crews began salvaging parts off the unit, especially the battery boxes located along side the fuel tank. CR 1648/1792 remains a fan favorite to this day.
Location: Collinwood, OH   2-79
Photo Online: Apr 20, 2016
CR 1792
Roger Durfee - Collinwood, OH   2-79
CR 1792
Roger Durfee (357K)

Sitting in the deadline, its days of service sadly over. Former NYC 1796.
Location: Altoona, PA   6-25-77
Photo Online: May 12, 1999
PC 1796 F7A
Arnie Morscher - Altoona, PA   6-25-77
(CR 1796) PC 1796
Arnie Morscher (70K)

A trio of F-units yard their train. Notice the white border around 1779's right number board.
Location: Northfield, OH   3-79
Photo Online: July 12, 2003
xPC 1799
Roger Durfee - Northfield, OH   3-79
xPC 1799
Roger Durfee (71K)

Side view of the unit. Notice the MU cable attached to the nose socket.
Location: Chicago, IL   8-5-78
Photo Online: July 7, 2005
xPC 1866
Bob Dobrowolski - Chicago, IL   8-5-78
xPC 1866
Bob Dobrowolski (65K)

A slightly different view of 1866 above.
Location: Chicago, IL   8-5-78
Photo Online: July 7, 2005
xPC 1866
Bob Dobrowolski - Chicago, IL   8-5-78
xPC 1866
Bob Dobrowolski (54K)

Orignally I thought that this was a Conrail stencil job, but Gene Dent of Ohio informed me that this was actually an Erie Lackawanna unit. Apparently, the unit had lost its nose decal some time before Conrail. It began life in 1951 as ERIE 712A. The unit is teamed with xPC 1775.
Location: Cleveland, OH   12-76
Photo Online: July 7, 2005
EL 7121
Gary Morris - Cleveland, OH   12-76
(CR 1891) EL 7121
Gary Morris (90K)

A common sight during the first several months of Conrail, EL 7131 is teamed with PC 1744 in Motor Yard.
Location: Cleveland, OH   11-76
Photo Online:August 19, 2002
EL 7131
Roger Durfee - Cleveland, OH   11-76
(CR 1893) EL 7131
Roger Durfee (63K)

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