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Jan 8, 2008

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The C-430 was a rare locomotive on the Conrail sysyem, with only 12 on the roster. Two of those units were former Reading Company engines. Ironically, Conrail wound up owning over three-quarters of all the C-430s ever built! Photoed here in sorry shape on the scrap line for xRDG 2048 (nee-RDG 5211). She had been built in 7/66 and named the Catawissa II. On 4/10/81 Conrail took here off the roster and sold her for scrap on 9/4/81 to Naporano.
Location: Lackawanna, NY   11-13-82
Photo Online: September 16, 1998
xRDG 2048 C-430
Brian Thompson - Lackawanna, NY   11-13-82
xRDG 2048
Brian Thompson

The Reading Company C-430s differed from the 10 other PC/NYC units because the RDG road on AAR type-B trucks that had been previously used on trade-in locomotives. Here we see 2048 still in service in its familar stomping ground of Mingo Junction, though I do not know the date. As seen above, 2048 never made it to Conrail blue, though its sister unit below did.
Location: Mingo Junction, OH   [no date]
Photo Online: February 17, 2000
xRDG 2048
Steve Geisler - Mingo Junction, OH   [no date]
xRDG 2048
Steve Geisler

2049 (nee-RDG 5212) displays is recent coat of blue as it leads a freight. Like its sister unit above, the 2049 did not last long on Conrail, being sold to Midwest Steel on 8/81. An original slide from the collection of Dan Halpert.
Location: Mingo Junction, OH   5-8-77
Photo Online:January 18, 2002
CR 2049
David Hamley - Mingo Junction, OH   5-8-77
CR 2049
David Hamley

The C-430 represents the final order of locomotives that the New York Central purchased prior to the Penn Central merger in 1968. Some of the former Penn Central units saw additional life after retirement from Conrail, going to the Morristown & Erie and the NYS&W. An original slide from the collection of Dan Halpert.
Location: Mingo Junction, OH   4-8-78
Photo Online:January 18, 2002
CR 2050
Curt Fortenberry - Mingo Junction, OH   4-8-78
CR 2050
Curt Fortenberry

2053 still has its original Penn Cental numbers but the logos have been removed and replaced with CR stencils.
Location: Youngstown, OH   8-79
Photo Online: December 17, 2004
xPC 2053
Roger Durfee - Youngstown, OH   8-79
xPC 2053
Roger Durfee

Conrail C-430 2054 waits its call to duty at the former Erie Lackawanna Brier Hill Shops in Youngstown, Ohio in August 1979.
Location: Youngstown, OH   8-79
Photo Online: January 8, 2008

Roger Durfee - Youngstown, OH   8-79
CR 2054
Roger Durfee

A great late-afternoon shot of 2056, showing off the truck detail.
Location: Youngstown, OH   8-79
Photo Online: December 17, 2004
xPC 2056
Roger Durfee - Youngstown, OH   8-79
xPC 2056
Roger Durfee

Reading Company:

It's months after Conrail, but 5212 is still in RDG colors. The PC unit in the background has its PRR keystone, plus a LV unit is in the background. This was what we called Conrail.
Location: Sayre, PA   9-76
Photo Online: April 7, 2005
RDG 5212
Robert Waller - Sayre, PA   9-76
RDG 5212
Robert Waller

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