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Sep 14, 2014

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Former PC 2416, PRR 2416 built 10/64. Removed from roster 2/79. This unit was not renumbered. Sold to Precision National Corp 11/4/80.
Location: Crestline, OH   3-19-78
Photo Online: June 11, 2000
xPC 2416 C-425
Arnie Morscher - Crestline, OH   3-19-78
xPC 2416
Arnie Morscher

This unit was not renumbered.
Location: Orrville, OH   7-77
Photo Online:December 14, 2002
CR 2419
Roger Durfee - Orrville, OH   7-77
CR 2419
Roger Durfee

Former PRR 2453 Phase 1 C-425, survived on roster as CR 2453. This unit was not renumbered. This series has a 12' fuel tank bulge.
Location: Danbury, CT   8-73
Photo Online: November 26, 1998
PC 2453 C-425
Vic Mailloux - Danbury, CT   8-73
(CR 2453) PC 2453
Vic Mailloux

Former New Haven Alco C-425 2456 sits cold at the Collinwood shops in February of 1979. This unit was not renumbered. Note the Hancock air whistle, small fuel tank, and lack of dynamics--all NH spotting features.
Location: Collinwood, OH   2-79
Photo Online:March 28, 2003
xPC 2456
Roger Durfee - Collinwood, OH   2-79
xPC 2456
Roger Durfee

Former PC 2422 leads a U25B on NONE-6 through Pennsylvania back in the early days of Conrail.
Location: Pennsylvania   10-6-78
Photo Online: July 12, 2003
xPC 2422
H. E. Brouse - Pennsylvania   10-6-78
(CR 5061] xPC 2422
H. E. Brouse

Notice the small Conrail logo on the long hood of this engine, an unusual feature. An original slide from the collection of Dan Halpert.
Location: Mingo Junction, OH   5-8-77
Photo Online:January 18, 2002
CR 2427
David Hamley - Mingo Junction, OH   5-8-77
(CR 5065] CR 2427
David Hamley

In October 1979, Conrail began renumbering their C-425's into the 5060-5088 series. This C-425 CR 5070 is probably near the end of the line, as it sits at Youngstown, OH. Note the unusual numbering font used when this unit was renumbered from a previous CR number, of which I do not now. Dan Halpert collection.
Location: Youngstown, OH   2-22-81
Photo Online:December 14, 2002
CR 5070
David Hamely - Youngstown, OH   2-22-81
CR 5070
David Hamely

Conrail Alco C-425 5075 rests in the former-EL yard at Youngstown, Ohio on 11-27-79. On 12-05-79 this same unit had been shut down and deadlined with all other Alco's in the area. This unit is the former CR 2441, one of only a handfull to operate with its new 5000 series number, and even then only for a few weeks.
Location: Youngstown, OH   11-12-79
Photo Online: July 12, 2003
xPC 5075
Roger Durfee - Youngstown, OH   11-12-79
xPC 5075
Roger Durfee

CR C-425 2441 at Brier Hill, Youngstown, Ohio in August 1979.
Location: Youngstown, OH   8-79
Photo Online: December 3, 2005
xPC 2441
Roger Durfee - Youngstown, OH   8-79
(CR 5075] xPC 2441
Roger Durfee

5078 is renumbered from CR 2444.
Location: Cleveland, OH   3-9-80
Photo Online: November 17, 2004
xPC 5078
Roger Durfee - Cleveland, OH   3-9-80
xPC 5078
Roger Durfee

Former CR 2446, PC 2446, PRR 2446 built 12/65. Retired 12/26/79 then sold to Naporano for scrap.
Location: Cleveland, OH   7-81
Photo Online: September 16, 1998
xPC 5080 C-425
Brian Thompson - Cleveland, OH   7-81
xPC 5080
Brian Thompson

A repainted unit.
Location: Youngstown, OH   11-79
Photo Online:November 9, 2002
CR 2452
Roger Durfee - Youngstown, OH   11-79
(CR 5083] CR 2452
Roger Durfee

Blue CR 5086 is also sitting in a forlorn state at Youngstown, OH. Note that the cab number is apparently painted freehand when renumbered.
Location: Youngstown, OH   2-22-81
Photo Online:December 14, 2002
CR 5086
David Hamely - Youngstown, OH   2-22-81
CR 5086
David Hamely

ALCo C-425 2457 fresh out of the Collinwood (Cleveland), Ohio paint shop. This exPC/neeNH unit was hard to photograph due to the jet black trucks!
Location: Cleveland, OH   [no date]
Photo Online: May 5, 2004
CR 2457
Roger Durfee - Cleveland, OH   [no date]
(CR 5086] CR 2457
Roger Durfee

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