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Apr 20, 2016

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A new CR 6026 is leading a northbound coal drag on the Youngstown Line at State Road in Plymouth Twp., Ohio.
Location: Plymouth Twp., OH   9-20-89
Photo Online: February 13, 2004
CR 6026
Dave Trenn - Plymouth Twp., OH   9-20-89
CR 6026
Dave Trenn (81K)

In the rich orange sun 6027 leads a late evening freight heading downgrade to Wyomissing Junction and beyond. Looks like the unit needs a little repair on the rear pilot. Notice how the coupler lift bar from the next locomotive in line has been banged into the MU receptacle? These levers should not do this!
Location: Wyomissing, PA   1-5-97
Photo Online: June 18, 2000
CR 6027
Robert Waller - Wyomissing, PA   1-5-97
CR 6027
Robert Waller (135K)

By the time the mid-1990s came around, Conrail changed the nose handrails from a small horizontal job to one shaped more like an upside-down 'L,' as on this unit. Conrail also began complying with federal regulations during this time by applying ditch lights. Also notice the builder's plate area is empty.
Location: Wyomissing, PA   1-8-97
Photo Online: June 18, 2000
Robert Waller - Wyomissing, PA   1-8-97
CR 6030
Robert Waller (137K)

Eastbound UWT-40 with CR 6034 C40-8 comes around the Buffalo/Pittsburgh connection at West 32nd St.
Location: Ashtabula, OH   9-18-94
Photo Online: April 20, 2016
CR 6034
Dave Trenn - Ashtabula, OH   9-18-94
CR 6034
Dave Trenn (92K)

We're along 6th Street in Harrisburg as 6034 brings up the rear of an eastbound loaded coal drag. In this shot you can notice the bar that spans between the hood and the rail behind the conductor's window.
Location: Harrisburg, PA   2-2-97
Photo Online: June 18, 2000
CR 6034
Robert Waller - Harrisburg, PA   2-2-97
CR 6034
Robert Waller (89K)

One of the few C40-8's I caught in the Quality scheme. Some of the C40-8's received aluminum window frames, while other units had theirs painted blue.
Location: Wyomissing, PA   3-97
Photo Online: June 18, 2000
CR 6036
Robert Waller - Wyomissing, PA   3-97
CR 6036
Robert Waller (129K)

You can just make out the tread pattern on the cab roof in this elevated shot from CP Belt.
Location: Reading, PA (CP Belt)   1-4-97
Photo Online: June 18, 2000
CR 6037
Robert Waller - Reading, PA (CP Belt)   1-4-97
CR 6037
Robert Waller (154K)

6041 in its as-delivered scheme.
Location: Allentown, PA   Unknown
Photo Online: February 19, 2005
CR 6041
Reed Estabrook - Allentown, PA
CR 6041
Reed Estabrook (66K)

Kevin writes, a relatively new C40-8 is leading the Oswego-bound TankTrain as it leaves the main and enters the Baldwinsville branch at CP 293 in Syracuse. This location was formerly known as 'SJ'. The fresh C-boat has yet to receive those goofy looking upside-down 'L-shaped' nose handrails. Ok, Kevin, but those goofy handrails did make it easier to climb around the pilot.
Location: Solvay, NY   8-19-89
Photo Online: June 18, 2000
CR 6045
Kevin DeGroff - Solvay, NY   8-19-89
CR 6045
Kevin DeGroff (119K)

A great overhead shot of a C40-8 as it leads a train past rows of empty hoppers.
Location: Ashtabula Harbor, OH   6-27-90
Photo Online: April 7, 2005
CR 6047
Dave Trenn - Ashtabula Harbor, OH   6-27-90
CR 6047
Dave Trenn (132K)

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