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Jul 8, 2002

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5061 is ten years old and leading a leading a freight out of Easton when Rob captured it on film.
Location: Easton, PA   1998
Photo Online: June 15, 1998
CR 5061 B40-8
Robert Palmer - Easton, PA   1998
CR 5061
Robert Palmer (59K)

This shot shows the typical wear the B40-8's took over the years. The nose decal is badly faded and fuel tank has a funky rust pattern. At least the batch of paint GE applied to these units held up much better than that on the C40-8W's, which faded almost instantly.
Location: Wyomissing, PA   11-96
Photo Online: October 6, 2001
Robert Waller - Wyomissing, PA   11-96
CR 5064
Robert Waller (165K)

Unlike railfanning in the real world, where we mostly get a ground-up view of the action, most model railroading scenes force us to look down on our models from a heavenly perspective. As a result, modeling roofs of locomotives and rolling stock becomes important. The soot and filth atop 5064, which is a typical B40-8, make the engine look as if someone painted the roof black. What do the roofs of your B40-8's look like? Even a new loco will have some grime up there.
Location: Pittsburgh, PA   1998
Photo Online: June 23, 1999
CR 5064 B40-8
Bill Waller - Pittsburgh, PA   1998
CR 5064
Bill Waller (72K)

Here is a scene I did not see much in the late 1990s, a B40-8 doing RoadRailer intermodal service. Usually, Harrisburg assigned a lone GP-40-2 for the train, which was plenty of power for such a light train. However, in 1988 Conrail originally purchased the 4,000hp B40-8 for intermodal service, but by the mid-1990s the units had been put into general freight service. 5067 is easily handling the train as it glides through Wyomissing Junction with only 1 foot of slack for every 100 cars. A touch of light snow adds to the scene.
Location: Wyomissing, PA   1-97
Photo Online: October 6, 2001
Robert Waller - Wyomissing, PA   1-97
CR 5067
Robert Waller (140K)

5068 is the trailing unit on a westbound mixed freight heading into Reading Yard. You can clearly see the fading blue paint. The black on the nose hood is deceptive since it looks more like paint than simple grime. However, Conrail never painted the nose hoods of these units with black safety paint that other classes received.
Location: Reading, PA (CP Belt)   2-2-97
Photo Online:October 6, 2001
CR 5068
Robert Waller - Reading, PA (CP Belt)   2-2-97
CR 5068
Robert Waller (163K)

I had a nasty habit of shooting at all times of day, especially midday when the sun glares instead of shinning rich color. Usually I caught MAIL-3 around late morning, meaning I had to shoot its power in that horrid glare. 5074 is no exception as a mid-train unit on MAIL-3 this day.
Location: Wyomissing, PA   2-97
Photo Online:October 6, 2001
CR 5074
Robert Waller - Wyomissing, PA   2-97
CR 5074
Robert Waller (121K)

5077 has been repainted in the Quality scheme, one of only a few to be repainted by the end of the railrroad.
Location: Hershey, PA   9-25-98
Photo Online:July 8, 2002
CR 5077
Kevin DeGroff - Hershey, PA   9-25-98
CR 5077
Kevin DeGroff (121K)

By the end of 1988, this unit had its Working Together logo applied like all other units; however, in this photo the decal is missing and Conrail had repainted the unit's nose. Kevin DeGroff did some poking around the FRA database and discovered that on September 26, 1997, 5081 was leading UGK-37. While traveling south on the Kalamazoo Branch, the train struck a tractor trailer at Stears Road at 3pm. The entire front of 5081 was damaged to the total of $7,000. The driver of the truck was injured and admitted to a local hospital. The FRA concluded that the accident was a result of the truck failing to yield the right of way.
Location: Steubenville, OH   10-98
Photo Online: December 13, 1998
CR 5081 B40-8
Jeff Wires - Steubenville, OH   10-98
CR 5081
Jeff Wires (115K)

It's an overcast day in early April as 5082 leads a westbound freight. An old timer railfan once told me to shoot everything no matter the weather because you might never see it again. I took that advice to heart and often shot on days other "fair weather" railfans would avoid. Now that Conrail is gone, I'm glad I took his advice. Of course, capturing a sleeping conductor is also a good reason for a photo!
Location: Wyomissing, PA   4-14-96
Photo Online:October 6, 2001
CR 5082
Robert Waller - Wyomissing, PA   4-14-96
CR 5082
Robert Waller (114K)

If you like weathering, then 5083 might be a good choice. You will be able to model some major oil leaks, contact damage on the fuel tank, areas around the exhaust stack where the heat burned off the paint, general rust, and other features that makes this engine so typical of Conrail as it leads MAIL-3 at 10:30am.
Location: Reading, PA (CP Belt)   2-7-97
Photo Online:October 6, 2001
CR 5083
Robert Waller - Reading, PA (CP Belt)   2-7-97
CR 5083
Robert Waller (122K)

Harrisburg East is holding eastbound 5084 and C40-8W 6133 for a "rest stop" at the old Schuambach's Diner at CP Belt. Being old school dispatchers from a time when railroading was about profit and people, they often let crews leave the train parked at the signals so everyone on board could get down for a bite of good homecooking and a break from the cramped cab. The problem could be getting the crews back on the train in a timely manner!
Location: Reading, PA (CP Belt)   8-96
Photo Online:October 6, 2001
CR 5084
Robert Waller - Reading, PA (CP Belt)   8-96
CR 5084
Robert Waller (136K)

5085 pictured here was coupled with 5088 below on this westbound train through CP Belt.
Location: Reading, PA (CP Belt)   2-97
Photo Online: May 8, 1998
Robert Waller - Reading, PA (CP Belt)   2-97
CR 5085
Robert Waller (125K)

Once the MoW crews cut down the weeds and trees lining the side and top along the hill at Belt, the angle became awesom for elevated shots. I just happend to be a bit off on the shutter here, capturing 5086 with her nose slightly into the old Readin Company signals, which are now gone.
Location: Reading, PA (CP Belt)   1-20-97
Photo Online:November 2, 2001
CR 5086
Robert Waller - Reading, PA (CP Belt)   1-20-97
CR 5086
Robert Waller (174K)

As soon as I spotted 5088, I knew something was remiss. Then I saw it. The well-painted black fuel tank against a traditional weathered car body, complete with oil leaks. The fuel tank honestly looks like a new one, having been replaced somewhere along the line.
Location: Reading, PA (CP Belt)   2-97
Photo Online:November 2, 2001
CR 5088
Robert Waller - Reading, PA (CP Belt)   2-97
CR 5088
Robert Waller (103K)

Due to online maintenance, a battered 5089 (the last B40-8 Conrail purchased) leads westbound ALHB (Allentown, PA - Harrisburg, PA) under train orders up the eastbound track. At Sheridan it eventually switched back over to its proper track for its journey to Harrisburg.
Location: Wyomissing, PA   1-8-97
Photo Online:November 2, 2001
CR 5089
Robert Waller - Wyomissing, PA   1-8-97
CR 5089
Robert Waller (164K)

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