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Jul 21, 2016

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1900 was the first B23-7 Conrail ordered and was delivered April 1978. 21 years after arriving on Conrail, 1900 is definately showing its age. I do not know when or why Conrail painted the rear step yellow.
Location: Harrisburg, PA   6-99
Photo Online: April 25, 2006
CR 1900
Robert Waller - Harrisburg, PA   6-99
CR 1900
Robert Waller (138K)

Conrail 1924 and another B23-7 are working the power plant local at Fort Drum, near Watertown, NY.
Location: Fort Drum, NY   1993
Photo Online: April 18, 2000
CR 1924
Tom Hannon - Fort Drum, NY   1993
CR 1924
Tom Hannon (74K)

The Track Geometry Train visited every here on the system.
Location: Sayre, PA   1995/96
Photo Online: April 25, 2006
CR 1933
Tom Hannon - Sayre, PA   1995/96
CR 1933
Tom Hannon (69K)

Tom photographed the rear of 1933 so you can see how the pilot was modified from a standard B23-7 so that the unit could mate with CR 21.
Location: Waverly, NY   1995/96
Photo Online: April 25, 2006
CR 1933
Tom Hannon - Waverly, NY   1995/96
CR 1933
Tom Hannon (57K)

Fresh paint having just been delivered. Built 1978.
Location: Reading, PA (Water Station)   Summer 1978
Photo Online: April 25, 2006
CR 1943 B23-7
Robert Waller - Reading, PA (Water Station)   Summer 1978
CR 1943
Robert Waller (54K)

The windows have been closed in.
Location: Cleveland, OH (Collinwood Yard)   7-21-90
Photo Online: February 3, 2004
CR 1948
Dave Trenn - Cleveland, OH (Collinwood Yard)   7-21-90
CR 1948
Dave Trenn (125K)

A nice overhead shot of 1955 freshly repainted with safety stipes and new number boards.
Location: Ashtabula, OH (Ashtabula Harbor Ohio Yard)   7-28-92
Photo Online: January 21, 2004
CR 1955
Dave Trenn - Ashtabula, OH (Ashtabula Harbor Ohio Yard)   7-28-92
CR 1955
Dave Trenn (161K)

CR 1956 is working Ashtabula Harbor along with CR 1962.
Location: Ashtabula, OH   4-25-90
Photo Online: March 4, 2005
CR 1956
Dave Trenn - Ashtabula, OH   4-25-90
CR 1956
Dave Trenn (81K)

Still with its as-delivered windows.
Location: Detroit, MI   5-5-79
Photo Online: August 21, 2004
CR 1960
Earl Minnis - Detroit, MI   5-5-79
CR 1960
Earl Minnis (89K)

Back in 1983 the B23-7s still had their oval windows as seen on this unit. They would eventually have them plated over for safety.
Location: Massena, NY   1983
Photo Online: April 25, 2006
CR 1967
Paul Charland - Massena, NY   1983
CR 1967
Paul Charland (70K)

We see CR 1967 three years later. The oval windows have been sealed since it was seen in 1983.
Location: Baltimore, MD (Bayview Yard)   5-86
Photo Online: April 29, 2015
CR 1967
Ralph Molesworth - Baltimore, MD (Bayview Yard)   5-86
CR 1967
Ralph Molesworth (194K)

1980 arrived in 1979 and got a special slogan on its side, the only locomotive to carry it. Microscale makes the decals for "Keep it Moving...." in HO scale.
Location: South Philadelphia, PA   9-8-85
Photo Online: April 25, 2006
CR 1900
Michael F. DeSoi Sr. - South Philadelphia, PA   9-8-85
CR 1980
Michael F. DeSoi Sr. (70K)

This is one of my favorite Conrail B23-7 photos. I would definately have trouble attending this church on Sundays and trying to pay attention to the pastor's sermon as a Conrail freight rolled by. Then again, it would be the best of both worlds.
Location: Framingham, MA   12-5-98
Photo Online: April 25, 2006
CR 1988 B23-7
Dick Leonhardt - Framingham, MA   12-5-98
CR 1988
Dick Leonhardt (44K)

No, that is not rust on the roof and running boards. You are seeing dust and soot, a common sight on these units as well as Conrail geeps. The washers had trouble getting the filth off the roof, but if you look closely you will see the brush marks.
Location: Unknown
Photo Online: March 17, 2000
CR 1998
Steve Geisler
CR 1998
Steve Geisler (127K)

CR 2800 was the first unit delivered to Conrail in their initial order of B23-7's in 1977. It's still in its factory-applied paint eleven years later, but still looks sharp. Of course, by the late 1990s time, weather, and poor maintenance would take its toll.
Location: Bethlehem, PA   12-3-88
Photo Online: August 76, 1998
CR 2800 B23-7
Robert Palmer - Bethlehem, PA   12-3-88
CR 2800
Robert Palmer (48K)

I always thought blue Conrail units looked good in the snow, as seen here with 2809 the day after Christmas in 1995.
Location: Buffalo, NY (Frontier Yard)   12-26-95
Photo Online: April 25, 2006
CR 2809 B23-7
Arnie Morscher - Buffalo, NY (Frontier Yard)   12-26-95
CR 2809
Arnie Morscher (96K)

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