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Jul 6, 2009

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Former PC 8639 in the deadline.
Location: Altoona, PA   10-6-80
Photo Online: July 6, 2009

Alan Gaines - Altoona, PA   10-6-80
xPC 8639
Alan Gaines (222K)

Briefly stated, during the late 1990s, Conrail worked with several short lines to create a better way to interchange freight. Conrail Express was the result. Here is former CR 8641 (PC 8641) in Conrail Express paint for the the Maryland & Delaware, which renumbered the unit M&D 801. Though a former Conrail locomotive and in Conrail Express paint, every CE locomotive always bore its current owner's number.
Location: Altoona, PA (Juniata Shops - Altoona Railfest)   10-96
Photo Online: August 73, 1998
M&D 801
Keith Burkey - Altoona, PA (Juniata Shops - Altoona Railfest)   10-96
(CR 8641] M&D 801
Keith Burkey (74K)

Former PC 8646.
Location: Toledo, OH   1989
Photo Online: July 6, 2009

Alan Gaines - Toledo, OH   1989
CR 8646
Alan Gaines (192K)

Still in its cornell red with stencils. A photo of it still in LV numbers is below.
Location: Elizabethport, NJ   1981
Photo Online: March 26, 2004
xLV 8648
Scott Wisner - Elizabethport, NJ   1981
xLV 8648
Scott Wisner (132K)

It has been eleven months since the Conrail merger, and LV 121 has still escaped being renumbered into CR 8648.
Location: Harsmious Cove, NJ   5-29-77
Photo Online:July 29, 2001
LV 121 SW900
Joe Testagrosse Coll. - Harsmious Cove, NJ   5-29-77
(CR 8648) LV 121
Joe Testagrose Coll. (112K)

The unit's original multi-stipe scheme has faded out by this time in 1977, though the unit has still escaped Conrail renumbering.
Location: Sayre, PA   6-14-77
Photo Online: May 5, 2000
LV 125 SW900
Arnie Morscher - Sayre, PA   6-14-77
(CR 8652) LV 125
Arnie Morscher (91K)

In 1953 the Lehigh Valley had EMD rebuild two aging NW1's (LV 128-129) into what the Lehigh Valley classed SW900's. In 1955 EMD rebuilt the remaining 9 NW1's (LV 120-127 & LV 130) into what the LV classed as SW900's. Conrail lumped all these units into the SW900 class, renumbering them into the Conrail series 8647-8657. I used the think this was a Conrail paint-out scheme on xLV 8654, but photos reveal that the black is simply the red paint wearing off, which happened to many LV switchers. Conrail crews simply slammed on CR stencils and number. This would make a great weathering project for one of Life-Like's Proto2000 switchers!
Location: Unknown
Photo Online: March 17, 2000
xLV 8654ef
Steve Geisler
xLV 8654
Steve Geisler (54K)

Another shot of 8654 in the scrap line, but the cornell red has worn off so much that the unit looks more like a PC unit.
Location: Elizabethport, NJ   1983
Photo Online: March 26, 2004
xLV 8654
Scott Wisner - Elizabethport, NJ   1983
xLV 8654
Scott Wisner (126K)

The 128 rests outside Conrail's Scranton Diesel Shop along with PC GP40 3169, all under the blue signs of Conrail. That's the way it was back in the early days!
Location: Scanton, PA   6-14-77
Photo Online: May 5, 2000
LV 128 SW900
Arnie Morscher - Scanton, PA   6-14-77
(CR 8655) LV 128
Arnie Morscher (181K)

Still in one of the final, simplified Valley schemes and untouched by Conrail renumbering.
Location: Scranton, PA   6-19-77
Photo Online: May 5, 2000
LV 129 SW900
Arnie Morscher - Scranton, PA   6-19-77
(CR 8656) LV 129
Arnie Morscher (95K)

The Raritan River was not one of the original railroads in the April 1976 merger. The RR had orginally been controlled by the Central Railway of New Jersey. 0n April 24, 1980 Conrail officially assumed operations of the railroad, though the Raritan's locomotive fleet, which consisted solely of six SW900's (RR 1-6), had been included in the Conrail roster and renumbering since Conrail's renumbering of April 9, 1976. (Conrail merged on April 1, but the roster did not take affect until April 9!) The six switchers carried the Conrail numbers 8658-8663 and were immediately renumbered as soon as Conrail took official control. Unfotunately, most if not all of the Raritan switchers entered storage around 1981, though I do not have exact years. xRR8661 (former RR 4) sits here in the Rutherford dead line awaiting disposition.
Location: Rutherford, PA   1984
Photo Online: May 27, 1998
xRR 8661 SW9
Robert Waller - Rutherford, PA   1984
xRR 8661
Robert Waller (58K)

Another view of xRR 8661 in the dead line. Angles were tight among the old yard tracks, but I managed to snap a shot of her on the other side. If memory serves, the Raritan switchers were the only Conrail locomotives in freight service to have yellow hazard flashers on the cab roof.
Location: Rutherford, PA   1984
Photo Online: May 27, 1998
xRR 8661 SW9
Robert Waller - Rutherford, PA   1984
xRR 8661
Robert Waller (64K)

Another of the Raritan River switchers sits in the dead line at the Juniata Locomotive Shops.
Location: Altoona, PA   5-22-82
Photo Online: August 10, 2008

Jim Appleman - Altoona, PA   5-22-82
xRR 8662
Jim Appleman (92K)

When the Reading Company rebuilt their old EMC switchers, they classed them as SW900M's, but Conrail lumped all the units into the SW900 class without the modification designation. Because they have full-length handrails running the length of the long hood, former Reading switchers in general are easy to spot, even if painted blue. Here xRDG 8705 (former RDG 1505) works Pavonia in New Jersey. A still-green Penn Central caboose sits in the background.
Location: Pavonia, NJ   6-19-77
Photo Online: June 11, 2000
xRDG 8705 SW7
Arnie Morscher - Pavonia, NJ   6-19-77
xRDG 8705
Arnie Morscher (114K)

Looking down on 8709 (in forefront). Unit still had its VO660 trucks until retired.
Location: Unknown   5-6-91
Photo Online: September 10, 2003
CR 8709
John Prock - 5-6-91
CR 8709
John Prock (67K)

Prior to the Conrail merger, the Reading Company repainted some of their SW900's into the more modern cream-and-green scheme, as can be seen on xRDG 8717 (former RDG 1517).
Location: Philadelphia, PA (Frankford Junction)   9-83
Photo Online:June 4, 2002
xRDG 8717
John Bondura - Philadelphia, PA (Frankford Junction)   9-83
xRDG 8717
John Bondura (56K)

Another of the cream and green units was xRDG 8720 (former RDG 1520).
Location: Camden, NJ   4-18-79
Photo Online: September 19, 1998
xRDG 8720 SW900M
Bob Dobrowolski - Camden, NJ   4-18-79
xRDG 8720
Bob Dobrowolski (99K)

Former RDG 8721/1521 has been repainted into full blue paint, though nothing else has been modified. She's coupled to xRDG 9418 SW1001.
Location: Philadelphia, PA (Frankford Junction)   1983
Photo Online:June 4, 2002
CR 8721
John Bondura - Philadelphia, PA (Frankford Junction)   1983
CR 8721
John Bondura (90K)

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