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Apr 27, 2016

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I'm not sure when this photo was taken, though my instincts tell me it was quite a while before Conrail. Consider this a historical shot of LV 280, which survived as CR 8931.
Location: Unknown
Photo Online:August 4, 2001
LV 280 SW9
Joe Testagrosse Coll.
(CR 8931) LV 280
Joe Testagrosse Coll. (110K)

We are coming up on nearly one year since the formation of Conrail, and LV 281 is still wearing its full paint scheme, though it would eventually be renumbered as CR 8932.
Location: Oak Island, NJ   2-12-77
Photo Online:August 4, 2001
LV 281 SW9
Joe Testagrosse Coll. - Oak Island, NJ   2-12-77
(CR 8932) LV 281
Joe Testagrosse Coll. (114K)

In 1951 the Lehigh Valley purchased 14 SW9's from EMD, assigning them to LV 280-293. Only 9 units survived onto Conrail as CR CR 8931-8938 (LV 280-287) and CR 8939 (LV 293). Painted in a later single-stripe scheme, xLV 8934 (LV 283) works South Amboy not even a year after Conrail.
Location: South Amboy, NJ   2-12-77
Photo Online: December 4, 1999
xLV 8934 SW9
Joe Testagrose Coll. - South Amboy, NJ   2-12-77
xLV 8934
Joe Testagrose Coll. (89K)

The only clue that this photo was taken during the Conrail era is the blue caboose behind LV 284 and CNJ 1081 (SW7). LV 284 would be renumbered as CR 8935, whereas CNJ 1081 would take CR 8869.
Location: Harsimus Cove, NJ   5-1-77
Photo Online:August 4, 2001
LV 284 SW9
Joe Testagrosse Coll. - Harsimus Cove, NJ   5-1-77
(CR 8935) LV 284
Joe Testagrosse Coll. (125K)

LV 285 wears the final Lehigh Valley scheme on their switchers almost a year after the Conrail meger, though it would eventually wear CR 8936.
Location: Brill's Junction, NJ   2-12-77
Photo Online:August 4, 2001
LV 285 SW9
Joe Testagrosse Coll. - Brill's Junction, NJ   2-12-77
(CR 8936) LV 285
Joe Testagrosse Coll. (87K)

In what seems to have been a common practice among Lehigh Valley switchers painted in the three stripe scheme, Conrail crews simply applied CR stencil, leaving the original scheme in tact, and slapped Conrail numbers directly over the LV numbers on the cab, as seen on xLV 8937 (LV 286).
Location: Port Reading, NJ   6-78
Photo Online: October 15, 1998
xLV 8937 SW9
Bob Dobrowolski - Port Reading, NJ   6-78
xLV 8937
Bob Dobrowolski (47K)

The last in the former Lehigh Valley SW9 series that Conrail inherited, xLV 8939 (LV 292) displays another of the funky LV-applied Conrail paint-outs, complete with small road numbers and CR marks.
Location: Allentown, PA   10-28-78
Photo Online: October 15, 1998
xLV 8939 SW9
Bob Dobrowolski - Allentown, PA   10-28-78
xLV 8939
Bob Dobrowolski (99K)

Conrail also inherited a number of Central Railroad of New Jersey SW9's in the 1976 start up. Originally numbered CNJ 1084-1094, Conrail renumbered them as CR 8951-8961. Here we see xCNJ 8951 (CNJ 1084), which was built in 1951, along side the shops in Elizabethport.
Location: Elizabethport, NJ   6-23-77
Photo Online: May 5, 2000
xCNJ 8951 SW9
Arnie Morscher - Elizabethport, NJ   6-23-77
xCNJ 8951
Arnie Morscher (162K)

Former CNJ SW9.
Location: Enola, PA   1986
Photo Online: April 27, 2016
CR 8959
Ralph Molesworth - Enola, PA   1986
CR 8959
Ralph Molesworth (104K)

In the 1990s, when a Conrail locomotive entered the shops for major repairs, Conrail repainted it into its Quality scheme. Here we see 8970 in such a scheme. Originally, the unit was owned by the New York Central and then Penn Central. Through all three owners it owned the same road number.
Location: McKees Rocks, PA   6-4-94
Photo Online: June 3, 1999
CR 8970 SW9
Arnie Morscher - McKees Rocks, PA   6-4-94
CR 8970
Arnie Morscher (93K)

A interesting modeling note is the variety of spark arrestors on Conrail's SW9/900 switchers. Predecessor roads applied most of the arrestors, though Conrail often removed them over the course of years. Here we see 8987, a former NYC switcher, in fresh blue displaying a very odd set of home-made arrestors.
Location: Unknown
Photo Online: March 17, 2000
CR 8987 SW9
Steve Geisler
CR 8987
Steve Geisler (44K)

Another SW9 in the Quality scheme. Check out the piles of sand along and between the rails. This must be a rather slippery section of track!
Location: Unknown   1994
Photo Online: June 3, 1999
CR 8970 SW9
Arnie Morscher - 1994
CR 8970
Arnie Morscher (98K)

It looks like 8995 (former PC 8995, nee NYC) has taken some damage to the lower portion of the cab. Most likely it occured during a switching job. Notice also that the spark arrestor covers have been removed from the exhaust stacks.
Location: Philadelphia, PA (Frankford Junction)   6-81
Photo Online:June 4, 2002
xPC 8995
John Bondura - Philadelphia, PA (Frankford Junction)   6-81
xPC 8995
John Bondura (123K)

CR SW9 8996 is surrounded by other goodies, such as an F7A and Lehigh Valley C-628 626 at Cleveland, Ohio during November 1976. Those pilot stripes are yet another ex-PC "variation" from those early days.
Location: Cleveland, OH   11-76
Photo Online: November 17, 2004
xPC 8996
Roger Durfee - Cleveland, OH   11-76
xPC 8996
Roger Durfee (82K)

CR 9000 (PC 9000) is battered and worn out by this time in 1981.
Location: Detroit, MI   11-29-81
Photo Online: September 26, 2004
CR 9000
Earl Minnis - Detroit, MI   11-29-81
CR 9000
Earl Minnis (83K)

At rest on the Southern Tier with cabin.
Location: Southern Tier   6-14-77
Photo Online: May 5, 2000
EL 435 SW9
Arnie Morscher - Southern Tier   6-14-77
(CR 9011) EL 435
Arnie Morscher (107K)

A nice side shot of the locomotive.
Location: Croxton, NJ   3-19-78
Photo Online: December 1, 1999
xEL 9015
Joe Testagrose Coll. - Croxton, NJ   3-19-78
xEL 9015
Joe Testagrose Coll. (49K)

I'd like to buy a vowel, Vanna. Check the spelling of Conrail on the hood. Former EL 451/DL&W 556.
Location: Macedonia, OH   3-28-92
Photo Online: January 8, 1999
CR 9022 SW9
Arnie Morscher - Macedonia, OH   3-28-92
CR 9022
Arnie Morscher (113K)

A fairly grimy unit with its numberboards missing in the headlight.
Location: Croxton, NJ   9-19-77
Photo Online: December 1, 1999
xEL 9024
Joe Testagrose Coll. - Croxton, NJ   9-19-77
xEL 9024
Joe Testagrose Coll. (80K)

Former EL 455 (DL&W 560).
Location: Meadville, PA   6-13-77
Photo Online: May 5, 2000
xEL 9026 SW9
Arnie Morscher - Meadville, PA   6-13-77
xEL 9026
Arnie Morscher (122K)

Former PC 9096 (PRR 8870). Note the plated windows on the cab. I like the PC and L&N boxcars in the background as well; we'll never see them again!
Location: Cleveland, OH   10-29-77
Photo Online: May 5, 2000
CR 9096 SW9
Arnie Morscher - Cleveland, OH   10-29-77
CR 9096
Arnie Morscher (99K)

Stenciled unit with silver stacks and radio.
Location: Wilmington, DE   5-14-77
Photo Online: December 1, 1999
xPC 9113
Joe Testagrosse Coll. - Wilmington, DE   5-14-77
xPC 9113
Joe Testagrose Coll. (53K)

A former Penn Central unit repainted into blue.
Location: Wilmington, DE   5-14-77
Photo Online: December 4, 1999
CR 9118 SW9
Joe Testagrosse Coll. - Wilmington, DE   5-14-77
CR 9118
Joe Testagrose Coll. (60K)

I caught this locomotive in the most unusal place--a scrapper in Georgia. The unit had been off roster for at least several years. I was surprised how intact it was. To the right is a retired D&RGW SW1500. Yes, it was a good day for me when I spotted these units. Thankfully it was a weekend, so no one was around. I wanted to touch that CR switcher so badly. Why do humans always want touch things?
Location: Waycross, GA   10-99
Photo Online: March 17, 2000
CR 9121 SW9
Robert Waller - Waycross, GA   10-99
CR 9121
Robert Waller (109K)

Former PC SW9 number 9134 is shown at Canton, Ohio, with the full Conrail name on the side instead of the common "CR" treatment.
Location: Canton, OH   3-28-81
Photo Online:December 14, 2002
xPC 9134
Roger Durfee - Canton, OH   3-28-81
xPC 9134
Roger Durfee (80K)

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