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May 3, 2009

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A close-up cab shot of a friendly engineer and CR 6072 (former EL) SD45 coming around famous Horseshoe Curve in July 1980. John says that he loves this photo because it really shows how much fun railfanning early Conrail was. I can't agree more!
Location: Altoona, PA   7-80
Photo Online: August 6, 2004
CR 6072
John Prock - Altoona, PA   7-80
CR 6072
John Prock (107K)

6080 got an early repaint by the looks of it.
Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada.   7-2-76
Photo Online: September 17, 2004
CR 6080
Earl Minnis - Windsor, Ontario, Canada.   7-2-76
CR 6080
Earl Minnis (90K)

Former EL 3617 in Conrail's first blue scheme. You can easily tell this was an Erie Lackawanna unit because the air horn is mounted over the engineer's side of the cab roof. You EL modelers out there take notice how the horn is mounted and the hose running into the front of the cab wall.
Location: Cleveland, OH   8-2-78
Photo Online: June 18, 1998
CR 6082 SD45
Arnie Morscher - Cleveland, OH   8-2-78
CR 6082
Arnie Morscher (91K)

Taken prior to the Conrail merger. If you compare this photo to those EL units above that got the CR-stencils, you'll see just how little these locos changed while on CR. This unit survived on roster as CR 6085 before being retired.
Location: Unknown
Photo Online: November 26, 1998
EL 3616 SD45
Walt Gay Collection
(CR 6085) EL 3616
Walt Gay Collection (84K)

Seven months after the merger of Conrail, EL 3622 is still in its original colors, along with PC 2617, which seems to be having some problems with its engine doors. EL 3622 was to be renumbered CR 6087.
Location: Croxton, NJ   11-2-76
Photo Online: August 13, 2000
EL 3622
Joe Testagrose Coll. - Croxton, NJ   11-2-76
(CR 6087) EL 3622
Joe Testagrose Coll. (66K)

Arnie caught this CR-stenciled former EL SD45 sitting on the dead track in Altoona, its life on Conrail over. Note the overspray of maroon paint on the nose.
Location: Altoona, PA   5-2-87
Photo Online: December 6, 1998
xEL 6089 SD45
Arnie Morscher - Altoona, PA   5-2-87
xEL 6089
Arnie Morscher (91K)

Former EL 3630 sits at Fieldside in Allentown Yard.
Location: Allentown, PA   6-30-84
Photo Online: May 3, 2009

Anthony N. Chando - Allentown, PA   6-30-84
CR 6095
Anthony N. Chando (166K)

A former Reading Lines SD45 leads two PC units. Unit was RDG 7601 prior to the "CR" treatment.
Location: Akron, OH   8-76
Photo Online: May 5, 2004
xRDG 6101
Roger Durfee - Akron, OH   8-76
xRDG 6101
Roger Durfee (97K)

A larger photo of 6102, which had been on the website for over a year.
Location: Lehighton, PA   7-29-78
Photo Online: August 6, 2004
xRDG 6102
John Prock - Lehighton, PA   7-29-78
xRDG 6102
John Prock (85K)

Another one of those oddball paint jobs, for whatever reason 6103 (former RDG 7603) does not have its large wheels-on-rails logo. It would eventually get a logo. Note the extended cab and the RDG pilot stripes showing through. If you look closely you will also see other parts of the RDG scheme under the blue.
Location: Akron, OH   9-78
Photo Online:October 24, 2002
CR 6103
Roger Durfee - Akron, OH   9-78
CR 6103
Roger Durfee (74K)

You have to love this unit! Check out the PRR keystone someone uncovered on the long hood, plus the battered PC logo. This unit actually saw service in this condition before Brian captured it on the dead line in Altoona. The early days of Conrail were wild times. Also notice the 'Collinwood' maintenance designation under the cab numbers.
Location: Altoona, PA   6-9-82
Photo Online: June 18, 1998
xPC 6117 SD45
Brian Thompson - Altoona, PA   6-9-82
xPC 6117
Brian Thompson (98K)

A freshly painted SD45 CR 6122 leads a ballast train downhill backward in to the Horseshoe Curve. Only several days earlier, it had been in Conrail stencils--now it's blue.
Location: Altoona, PA   7-80
Photo Online: August 6, 2004
CR 6122
John Prock - Altoona, PA   7-80
CR 6122
John Prock (74K)

A dirty unit coupled in the midst of blue units.
Location: Croxton, NJ   10-21-78
Photo Online: October 23, 1999
xPC 6127
Bob Dobrowolski - Croxton, NJ   10-21-78
xPC 6127
Bob Dobrowolski (60K)

Conrail (former Penn Central) SD45 6151 is coupled with CNW GP30 808.
Location: Croxton, NJ   10-10-77
Photo Online: February 3, 2000
CR 6151
Joe Testagrosse Coll. - Croxton, NJ   10-10-77
CR 6151
Joe Testagrosse Coll. (54K)

The former Penn Central unit is getting some servicing.
Location: Cresson, PA   6-26-77
Photo Online: June 11, 2000
xPC 6186
Arnie Morsher - Cresson, PA   6-26-77
xPC 6186
Arnie Morsher (92K)

SD45 CR 6192 helper set moves uphill at the Horseshoe Curve.
Location: Altoona, PA   7-80
Photo Online: August 6, 2004
CR 6192
John Prock - Altoona, PA   7-80
CR 6192
John Prock (94K)

A few former PC locomotives had their original PRR keystone logo 'revealed' by a Pennsy fan. An interesting loco to run on any model layout!
Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada   6-9-77
Photo Online: September 26, 2004
xPC 6225
Robert Waller - Windsor, Ontario, Canada   6-9-77
xPC 6225
Earl Minis (114K)

Former Penn Central unit.
Location: Croxton, NJ   5-78
Photo Online: September 10, 1999
xPC 6226
Bob Dobrowolski - Croxton, NJ   5-78
xPC 6226
Bob Dobrowolski (58K)

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