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Mar 21, 2016

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Former CR 6344/PC 6091/PRR 6191, built 1966. Retired 7-93 and became HLCX 5015. But as photo shows and the SD40 roster notes says, the SD40's sold to Helm remained on CR property until late 1994. Unit was numbered and (unimaginatively) painted for Conrail Leasing.
Location: Blandon, PA   9-94
Photo Online: December 21, 1998
Photo Updated: March 21, 2016
CRL 600 SD40
Robert Waller - Blandon, PA   9-94
CRL 600
Robert Waller (82K)

This unit had been in the leasing arm like CRL 600 above, but was placed in regular service. You can just see the 'L' after the CR painted out on the cab.
Location: Buffalo, NY   9-3-95
Photo Online: June 3, 1999
Photo Updated: March 21, 2016
CR 601 SD40
Arnie Morscher - Buffalo, NY   9-3-95
CR 601
Arnie Morscher (96K)

Former PC 6254 sits along with fellow SD40 CR 6286 awaiting assignment.
Location: Meadville, PA   8-7-78
Photo Online: June 11, 2000
xPC 6254
Arnie Morsher - Meadville, PA   8-7-78
xPC 6254
Arnie Morsher (86K)

The cab vent added to the side of the cab forced the road number to be oddly spaced. CR 6284 is former PC 6284. It was retired in August 1994.
Location: South Plainfield, NJ   6-82
Photo Online: February 19, 2005
CR 6284
Reed Estabrook - South Plainfield, NJ   6-82
CR 6284
Reed Estabrook (42K)

Unit is painted in the B&O-inspired blue and yellow scheme just before the Conrail merger. Tom Wolfgang noticed that the brake cylinder configuration on the CNJ SD40's that Conrail inherited: the front left and right rear cylinders are high mounted, while the other six cylinders are low mounted. He's also spotted this on other non-Conrail locomotives. After asking for information about this feature, T.J. Hart, a machinist for the Conrail shared assets division at the Oak Island Diesel Terminal, was looking for info on the final disposition of the CNJ 3061 when he saw the note about the underslung brake cylinders with one side mount cylinder on some of the trucks. He says that this was done when engines started to be equipped with hand brakes for parking. It isn't practical, and might not be possible, to attach a handbrake to an underslung brake cylinder. The reason you might see them on both trucks is that when the trucks are overhauled they are universal; they can be used either front or back. Most of our engines are equipped with top mount cylinders, but it is very expensive to convert to top mount cylinders. Therefore the underslungs are left in place until they are worn beyond service limits. A lot of brake linkage air piping and hoses have to be replaced to do the conversion. Underslungs are a lot less complex, but they do get a lot of abuse down low. I believe that is why they are being phased out. The hoses and piping are also especially susceptible to damage.
Location: Philipsburg, NJ   2-26-76
Photo Online: February 3, 2000
CNJ 3061
Robert Waller - Wyomissing, PA   2-97
(CR 6285) CNJ 3061
Joe Testagrosse Coll. (68K)

CR 6290 is working the curve in this 1987 shot. Originally built in 1967 for the Baltimore & Ohio, it eventually entered service for the Jersey Central as CNJ 3066. In 1999 it was rebuilt into SD40-2R #6999, the last SD40 to be rebuilt on Conrail.
Location: Altoona, PA (Horseshoe Curve)   5-8-87
Photo Online:August 6, 2001
CR 6290
Glen Beans - Altoona, PA (Horseshoe Curve)   5-8-87
CR 6290
Glen Beans (162K)

This was the only large Central of New Jersey engine to get the red scheme. Fans nicknamed this engine The Red Baron, for obvious reasons. It survived in its red for a while before being painted blue. Here it's coupled with GP30 xRDG 2180 and an unknown xPC GP35.
Location: Akron, OH   3-77
Photo Online:August 16, 2002
xCNJ 6291
Roger Durfee - Akron, OH   3-77
xCNJ 6291
Roger Durfee (68K)

The CNJ eventually began painting their engines in what has come to be known as the 'Coast Guard' scheme, as seen here.
Location: Elizabethport, NJ   1-1-73
Photo Online: February 6, 2000
CNJ 3067
Joe Testagrosse Coll. - Elizabethport, NJ   1-1-73
(CR 6291) CNJ 3067
Joe Testagrosse Coll. (84K)

Before she was a "star"......or had stars on her flanks anyway. Just another drab ex-PC SD40, the 6300 leads TV-9 through Middlefield station, MA. on December 31, 1981. In another year or two she'll shine when ConRail applies the well-known "Buy and Hold Savings Bonds" paint scheme to this non-descript SD40.
Location: Middlefield Station, MA   12-31-81
Photo Online: December 17, 2007

Carl Weber - Middlefield Station, MA   12-31-81
xPC 6300
Carl Weber (117K)

Conrail repainted this unit into a special "Buy and Hold Savings Bonds" scheme in the early 1980s.
Location: Gang Mills, NY   3-8-85
Photo Online:July 8, 2002
CR 6300
Kevin DeGroff - Gang Mills, NY   3-8-85
CR 6300
Kevin DeGroff (104K)

Wish this was lit better, but we're in the shadow of a ridge line in the early morning. "Savings Bond" SD40 6300 in SEFR.
Location: Russell, MA   10-21-89
Photo Online: October 7, 2007

Carl Weber - Russell, MA   10-21-89
CR 6300
Carl Weber (104K)

A rolling pan shot of 6300 on westbound NHSE.
Location: Chester, MA   1-26-89
Photo Online: December 17, 2007

Carl Weber - Chester, MA   1-26-89
CR 6300
Carl Weber (194K)

Another pan shot of 6300 on NHSE.
Location: Chester, MA   1-26-89
Photo Online: December 17, 2007

Carl Weber - Chester, MA   1-26-89
CR 6300
Carl Weber (121K)

Yet another CR-stenciled black locomotive (former PC 6051) leads U25B PC 2664 and GP35 CR 3645 on a mixed freight.
Location: Southern Tier, NY   6-14-77
Photo Online: May 12, 1999
xPC 6304 SD40
Arnie Morscher - Southern Tier, NY   6-14-77
xPC 6304
Arnie Morscher (81K)

Looking beaten and worn in 1990, CR 6310 would be retired in 1994 and put into Conrail's lease program as CR 605.
Location: Cleveland (Collinwood), OH   10-5-90
Photo Online: March 4, 2005
CR 6310
Dave Trenn - Cleveland (Collinwood), OH   10-5-90
CR 6310
Dave Trenn (88K)

Former PC/PRR 6071, built 1966, retired 1994. Note the PC yellow paint showing through on the handrails! Conrail often didn't strip the predecessor's paint off the locos prior to repainting them blue. When I was a teenager, I used to try to look down the side of blue engines and see if I could see the decal outlines from former roads--and often I did!
Location: Cleveland, OH   3-16-79
Photo Online: May 12, 1999
CR 6324 SD40
Arnie Morscher - Cleveland, OH   3-16-79
CR 6324
Arnie Morscher (85K)

Another shot of the same unit from a slightly different angle.
Location: Cleveland, OH   3-16-79
Photo Online: September 1, 1999
CR 6324 SD40
Arnie Morscher - Cleveland, OH   3-16-79
CR 6324
Arnie Morscher (85K)

Is this a Penn Central or Conrail unit? Wait, I see the CR stencil on the nose. More often than not back in the good old "Transition Days," when Conrail was young, it was difficult to tell! Often the paint used to blacken out the old logos wore off rather quickly. This really caused problems when it happened to the cab numbers! Former PC/PRR 6077.
Location: Meadville, PA   8-5-78
Photo Online: June 11, 2000
xPC 6330 SD40
Arnie Morscher - Meadville, PA   8-5-78
xPC 6330
Arnie Morscher (97K)

SD40 CR 6332 sits in line with a host of other SD40's.
Location: Enola, PA   5-86
Photo Online: April 22, 2015
CR 6332
Ralph Molesworth - Enola, PA   5-86
CR 6332
Ralph Molesworth (201K)

Originally PC 6098 and PRR 6198, CR 6351 would be retired in 1993 and be rebuilt as SD40-2R CR 6988.
Location: Cleveland (Collinwood), OH   10-5-90
Photo Online: March 4, 2005
CR 6351
Dave Trenn - Cleveland (Collinwood), OH   10-5-90
CR 6351
Dave Trenn (88K)

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