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Oct 24, 2002

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Two battered FP7's on Rockville Bridge.
Location: Marysville, PA   4-73
Photo Online: February 5, 2000
PC 4340
Steve Geisler - Marysville, PA   4-73
(CR 4340) PC 4340
Steve Geisler (118K)

Penn Central FP7A awaits work at Cleveland during March of 1977. Roger says that he doesn't usually do much nose coupled stuff, but the low light was too good to pass this one up.
Location: Cleveland, OH   3-77
Photo Online:October 24, 2002
PC 4365
Roger Durfee - Cleveland, OH   3-77
(CR 4365) PC 4365
Roger Durfee (74K)

A pair of "CR"d FP7A's back into the Collinwood fuel tracks in July 1977. 4369 and 4345, both built in 1952 for the PRR (note the lift rings), have only about a year left to operate for the new Conrail. The 4369 still retains its steam generator exhaust stack (the 4345 no longer has it), and both have muli-note horns instead of the single note "blat" horns found on the ex-NYC F7A's.
Location: Collinwood, OH   7-77
Photo Online:October 24, 2002
xPC 4369
Roger Durfee - Collinwood, OH   7-77
xPC 4369
Roger Durfee (94K)

The evening run of the "Push-Pull" returns to Reading's Franklin Street station from Reading Terminal in Philadelphia. The train used 5 original RDG coaches, with an FP7 at each end since the train could not be turned in Philly. This run didn't have the rear loco attached that day for some reason. Do you think the fellow in the cab is doing a little flirting? Hmmm.... I don't know what Arnie's experiences were with this train, but I remember riding it as a kid, then again as a teen. The train lost its class for me when it was repainted in SEPTA colors. Even in this photo 900 has been steniled with its SEPTA number on the side of the cab.
Location: Reading, PA   6-24-77
Photo Online: December 21, 1998
RDG 900 FP7
Arnie Morscher - Reading, PA   6-24-77
(CR 4371) RDG 900
Arnie Morscher (131K)

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