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This caboose has seen better days.
Location: Holidaysburg, PA   7-98
Photo Online: August 12, 1998

CR 21281
John Berger (38K)

Old passenger car converted into MoW service. Stenciled Buffalo Division with a buffalo and #1 inside it.
Location: Holidaysburg, PA   1998
Photo Online: February 18, 1999

CR 23273
Lon Godshall (53K)

CR 46107R is former EL (Erie) 178 pressed into MoW service.
Location: Akron, OH   8-78
Photo Online: March 13, 2004
CR 46107R
CR 46107R
Roger Durfee (117K)

Fuel oil tender. Former NYC series 16000-16049. Lot 831. Built 1952.
Location: Allentown, PA   1998
Photo Online: February 18, 1999
CR 70828
CR 70828
Lon Godshall (81K)

Delaware, Lackawanna & Western :

An old DL&W troop sleeper the EL pressed into MoW service.
Location: Binghampton, NY   1976
Photo Online: September 10, 2003
DLW 3629
DLW 3629
Harry Scholtz (125K)

Lehigh Valley:

These are just those little treasures that you no longer see on modern railroads--a fully enclosed wooden speeder. Back in 1995 I saw one of these for sale at the First Frost swap meet in Allentown, PA. There are several speeder clubs that get permission to ride their gems along little used track.
Location: Bethlehem, PA   10-28-78
Photo Online: October 15, 1998
LV 7423
LV 7423
Bob Dobrowolski (73K)

Lehigh Valley sand car. Anyone have any info on these cars? They appear to be converted hoppers.
Location: Reading, PA   1-10-89
Photo Online: June 2, 2005
LV 90006
LV 90006
John Schodowski (59K)

Monongahela Railway:

An old MGA now at home at the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum.
Location: Strasburg, PA   4-7-05
Photo Online: December 23, 2005
MGA 67
MGA 67
Mark MacDougall (103K)

Penn Central:

The H30 is a classic post-war truss design made famous by the PRR. In 1978 Conrail rostered 13 of these PRR-era covered hoppers, with 11 painted in PRR colors while 2 were painted in PC colors. By the 1980s they were all off the roster, however some lingered in the shadows of various storage tracks, such as the 32326 below. I'm not sure if 32307 survived into Conrail, so it's posted here as an historical photo.
Location: Buffalo, NY   11-5-73
Photo Online: June 2, 2005
PC 32307 H30
PC 32307 H30
Sean Lamb (74K)

Lon Godshall, our illustrious official unofficial rolling stock editor, says that it would be cool to extend the H30 into an H32, which CR did paint into Iron oxide and gray. We'll see if he does this project and report on it if he does. For more information on H30's, see the April 2001 issue of Mainline Modeler.
Location: Philadelphia, PA   1988
Photo Online: June 2, 2005
PC 32326 H30
PC 32326 H30
John Alamieda (85K)

John captured the 74011 still in its PC colors on a dreary day, but in 1979 Conrail repainted this car into its oxide red scheme, though they reclassed it as an H30B. At least that is the information Lon Godshall provided.
Location: Philadelphia, PA   1988
Photo Online: June 2, 2005
PC 74011 H30
PC 74011 H30
John Alamieda (74K)

Pennsylvania Railroad:

If memory serves, this flatcar was used in catenary service--a mobile platform that could be raised and lowered so men could work on the wires. Check out the old, rare Conrail auto boxcar off to the side!
Location: Rutherford, PA   1-28-89
Photo Online: June 2, 2005
PRR 489696
PRR 489696
John Schodowski (84K)

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