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Sep 13, 2014


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The Conrail Cyclopedia - Serving Conrail fans world-wide since 1998.
Roster shots and close-ups of locomotives from Conrail and its predecessors from Day 1 until May 1999.

God Bless America and Conrail!
Conrail freight cars for the railfan or model railroader Rolling Stock
Photos, articles, rosters, and more about Conrail and predecessor freight, much of which still rides the rails.

  Maintenance of Way
Photos of select Conrail and predecessor Maintenance of Way equipment, including work trains and track gangs.

Conrail MoW
Saying Your Prayers Scenic Gallery
Great scenic Conrail photos and wallpaper taken by railfans from across the country between 1976 and 1999.

  Modeling Showcase
Layout tours , modeling projects, weathering articles, and much more from N to O scale.

Conrail Modeling
Reference Shelf Reference Shelf
Employee magazines, public relations, emphemera, maps, forms, and a magazine article indexes.

  Cabooses: Visit Tom Wolfgang's Conrail Cabins & Cabooses website.
Latest CRCyc News
Sep 1-13, 2014

The CRCyc slowly is coming
back to life!

It has been a long, emotional road since my father passed away a few years ago, but I'm slowly returning to the hobby. I'm working from the ground up to improve the website and return it to its former glory days. It will be a large undertaking. I ask for your patience.

PHASE I - Current
Upgraded Pages: Before I can add more photos, I must revamp all the pages. As of Sep 13, all the EMD, GE and Scenic Gallery pages have been revised and upgraded. Also added new repaint dates to many Paint Rosters. Model pages will be updated with currently available models as I have time and info. All old model pages are gone due to outdated info. I'm clearing out the clutter!

New Photos: A new scanner is on the horizon, so I can finally scan my photos and slides, which I haven't done since 2001! Bigger, better photos. If you have good quality roster photos of at least 1000pixels wide, you can still submit them. I still see the CRCyc as a community effort. Just send me an email.

CRCyc Blog: A new blog is coming. I'm excited about this. (I've been blogging for several years about my miniature wargaming hobby.) Look for info soon.


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