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Apr 15, 2009

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The first unit in the class, delivered on March 22, 1998.
Location: Elkhart, IN   4-5-98
Photo Online: April 15, 2009

Alan Gaines - Elkhart, IN   4-5-98
CR 4130
Alan Gaines (186K)

Standard unit. (CAAL-9) These units hold the same place with me as do the SD70s. They smack of CSX. I'm starting to sound like the old editor of Rails Northeast, a PC nut who disliked CR but covered it anyway. These are classy units, but beyond my modeling era.
Location: Reading, PA (CP Titus)   5-29-98
Photo Online: June 15, 1998
CR 4131 SD70MAC
Robert Palmer - Reading, PA (CP Titus)   5-29-98
CR 4131
Robert Palmer (80K)

Paired with 4130 above.
Location: Elkhart, IN   4-5-98
Photo Online: April 15, 2009

Alan Gaines - Elkhart, IN   4-5-98
CR 4131
Alan Gaines (204K)

A sharp looking 4132 waits outside the Oak Island engine terminal for its net assignment.
Location: Oak Island, NJ   4-6-98
Photo Online: July 8, 2000
CR 4132
Jeff Lubchansky - Oak Island, NJ   4-6-98
CR 4132
Jeff Lubchansky (67K)

Leading a CSX train, its new owner, after the break up in 1999.
Location: Garrett, IN   9-14-99
Photo Online: April 15, 2009

Alan Gaines - Garrett, IN   9-14-99
CR 4132
Alan Gaines (90K)

Close-up of the 4133's AC logo. Many people have asked for such a photo, and I'm pleased to provide it.
Location: Altoona, PA   10-4-98
Photo Online: June 18, 2000
CR 4133
Kevin DeGroff - Altoona, PA   10-4-98
CR 4133
Kevin DeGroff (84K)

A nice overhead shot of one of the SD70MACs. I never realized that part of the cab hood was painted anti-skid black!
Location: Unknown location   1998
Photo Online: March 16, 2000
CR 4134
Steve Geisler - 1998
CR 4134
Steve Geisler (49K)

Another view of 4132, this time at the Oak Island sanding facility.
Location: Oak Island, NJ   3-3-99
Photo Online: July 8, 2000
CR 4134
Jeff Lubchansky - Oak Island, NJ   3-3-99
CR 4134
Jeff Lubchansky (75K)

Captured on ALSE-8. CSX has already begun painting them into their colors.
Location: Bethlehem, PA   5-28-98
Photo Online: June 15, 1998
CR 4136 SD70MAC
Robert Palmer - Bethlehem, PA   5-28-98
CR 4136
Robert Palmer (79K)

CR 4137 and CR 4134 lead westbound ML-403 on the Chicago Line.
Location: Northeast, PA   10-2-98
Photo Online: March 4, 2005
CR 4137
CR 4137
Dave Trenn (82K)

Interior shot of the upper control panel when the photo was brand new. Interesting how this panel has a fan, but the 80MACs don't. Scott Harris explained to me that this is because CSX ordered their 70MAC's without Air Conditioning, but with fans instead. Boy that was nice of them wasn't it? It was obviously not a Conrail pracice, but I guess they had to tailor these to CSX specs. So that is why the fan is found in the SD70's, but not in any other normal Conrail widebody.
Location: Avon, IN   [no date]
Photo Online: December 18, 1999
CR 4138
Bill Skirvin - Avon, IN
CR 4138
Bill Skirvin (75K)

Shot of the entire engineer's desk when the loco was brand new.
Location: Avon, IN   [no date]
Photo Online: December 18, 1999
CR 4138
Bill Skirvin - Avon, IN
CR 4138
Bill Skirvin (100K)

Nice photo showing the power of these engines to haul a coal drag single-handedly.
Location: Bentlyville, PA   8-30-98
Photo Online: October 15, 1998
CR 4139 SD70MAC
Robert Palmer - Bentlyville, PA   8-30-98
CR 4139
Robert Palmer (59K)

It's a great spring day as 4143 works as the power on westbound PMT on the old Middle Division.
Location: Marysville, PA   5-1-99
Photo Online:April 11, 2002
CR 4143
Kevin DeGroff - Marysville, PA   5-1-99
CR 4143
Kevin DeGroff (101K)

Interior shot of a Conrail SD70MAC pulling out of the Juniata Locomotive Shop in Altoona.
Location: Altoona, PA   1998
Photo Online: September 10, 1999
Kevin DeGroff - Altoona, PA   1998
Kevin DeGroff (136K)

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