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Apr 20, 2016

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An early GP40 originally purchased by the NYC and then repainted PC before it became Conrail in 1976.
Location: Unknown   Unknown
Photo Online: April 20, 2016
CR 3001
Dave Trenn - Unknown   Unknown
CR 3001
Dave Trenn (132K)

Former Penn Central GP40 with engine doors open.
Location: Croxton, NJ   6-78
Photo Online: July 18, 2005
xPC 3010
Bob Dobrowolski - Croxton, NJ   6-78
xPC 3010
Bob Dobrowolski (64K)

The old NYC white stripe is still on 3052, even though the loco is on its third owner.
Location: Akron, OH   4-78
Photo Online: December 17, 2004
xPC 3052
Roger Durfee - Akron, OH   4-78
xPC 3052
Roger Durfee (65K)

This unit retains the original numbers but has small CR stencils.
Location: Croxton, NJ   3-5-77
Photo Online: July 18, 2005
xPC 3062
Joe Testagrose Coll. - Croxton, NJ   3-5-77
xPC 3062
Joe Testagrose Coll. (66K)

This was the first Conrail locomotive painted with the new steel wheels on steel rails logo. Prior to this, the logo was simply ConRail with a line above and below the name. It was painted at the Collinwood Shops on May 23, 1976.
Location: Detroit, MI   4-3-77
Photo Online: July 18, 2005
CR 3091
Earl Minnis - Detroit, MI   4-3-77
CR 3091
Earl Minnis (88K)

Another shot of 3091 a year after the above one.
Location: Croxton, NJ   8-78
Photo Online: June 23, 1999
CR 3091 GP40
Bob Dobrowolski - Croxton, NJ   8-78
CR 3091
Bob Dobrowolski (73K)

CR-stenciled former PC/NYC 3101. Since the number remained the same under Conrail, the PC cab numbers remained.
Location: Buffalo, NY   12-22-77
Photo Online: July 18, 2005
xPC 3101 GP40
Arnie Morscher - Buffalo, NY   12-22-77
xPC 3101
Arnie Morscher (78K)

A rather bombed-out former Penn Central GP40.
Location: Croxton, NJ   6-23-77
Photo Online: July 18, 2005
xPC 3105
Arnie Morscher - Croxton, NJ   6-23-77
xPC 3105
Arnie Morscher (104K)

A great overhead shot of 3154 hauling a 'pig train' past the old freight depot. In 1991 the unit was rebuilt with complete loco control.
Location: Binghamton, NY   6-15-77
Photo Online: July 18, 2005
xPC 3154
Arnie Morsher - Binghamton, NY   6-15-77
xPC 3154
Arnie Morsher

A former Penn Central GP40 repainted blue.
Location: Croxton, NJ   5-25-77
Photo Online: July 18, 2005
CR 3161
Joe Testagrose Coll. - Croxton, NJ   5-25-77
CR 3161
Joe Testagrose Coll. (76K)

3171 is the second unit on CGAL and is seen here in its original Conrail paint scheme.
Location: Gang Mills, NY   9-1-84
Photo Online:February 20, 2002
CR 3171
Kevin DeGroff - Gang Mills, NY   9-1-84
CR 3171
Kevin DeGroff (67K)

14 months after the Conrail merger and 3174 is still wearing original PC logos and numbers.
Location: Meadville, PA   6-14-77
Photo Online: July 18, 2005
PC 3174
Arnie Morsher - Meadville, PA   6-14-77
(CR 3174) PC 3174
Arnie Morsher (105K)

A slightly grimy geep awaiting assignment.
Location: Croxton, NJ   5-25-77
Photo Online: July 18, 2005
CR 3219
Joe Testagrose Coll. - Croxton, NJ   5-25-77
CR 3219
Joe Testagrose Coll. (69K)

The conductor watches as they shift a string of ore jennies through Greenbrier Yard.
Location: Philadelphia, PA   7-5-83
Photo Online: July 18, 2005
CR 3231
John Bondura - Philadelphia, PA   7-5-83
CR 3231
John Bondura (91K)

Location: Philadelphia, PA (Greenbrier Yard)   5-1-82
Photo Online: July 18, 2005
xPC 3244
John Bondura - Philadelphia, PA (Greenbrier Yard)   5-1-82
xPC 3244
John Bondura (123K)

3274 was the last of the GP40 series. It sits here with all its side doors open.
Location: Cleveland, OH (Collinwood Yard)   9-26-92
Photo Online: January 21, 2004
CR 3274
Dave Trenn - Cleveland, OH (Collinwood Yard)   9-26-92
CR 3274
Dave Trenn (97K)

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