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Jan 31, 2002


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H42/H44: HO Scale Modeling
Conrail Cyclopedia Quality!

Conrail H42 & H44 Tips by Robert Waller
H42 In HO/N Scale! The H42 and H44 are nearly exact duplicates. The H42 is a 3510 cuft car built by American Car & Foundry around 1963 and 1964. PRR purchased their H42's during October-December 1963. The EL purchased their 25 cars in October 1964. NYC also purchased the ACF CF3510 but I don't know the dates yet. All found their way onto Conrail in 1976 and survived into the 1990s.

Atlas offers an excellent ready-to-run H42 predecorated in Conrail's gray with medium-sized logo (1933), PRR (1935), NYC (1937), and EL (1934). They have done a few different print runs of each car in different road numbers. Overall, I feel the Conrail logo appears a bit smaller than the photos on the CRCyc show, while the 'rail' section appears too long. But these are minor quibbles. To model an H44, use photos as guides to rework he sheet metal around the bays. The roofwalk supports will also need to be modified to give 9 instead of the H42's 11 supports.

According to Atlas' online catalog, the Conrail, PRR, NYC, and EL are sold out at the manufacturer. But some hobby shops still have these cars in stock.

With the demise of Herald Kind decals, custom painting these cars is nearly impossible. HK was the only one producing these decals in HO.

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