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No, this car is not celebrating the CSX/CR acquisition! It's often common to see hoods from different roads on coil steel gondolas. Evans built these 100-ton, "Type 4" coil cars originally for the Reading Company. The cars can hold different widths of coil steel, which is thinnly rolled steel rolled into a coil then placed vertically into the bed of the car. The coils come in three different widths: 24", 36", and 48". The hoods protect the coils from the elements during shipping from the steel mill to the manufacturer. Conrail created an entire coil steel network. I have acquired original Conrail public relations material on the network and will be reproducing it in this section as time permits.
Location: Wyomissing, PA   5-30-96
Photo Online: May 9, 1998

Robert Waller - Wyomissing, PA   5-30-96
CR 623008 GR42A
Robert Waller (70K)

Another car with CSX hoods. Former RDG 99152.
Location: Morrisville, PA   1-99
Photo Online: February 20, 1999

John Almeida - Morrisville, PA   1-99
CR 623055 GR42A
John Almeida (35K)

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